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Fuzzy's picture
Demo A Plague Of Singer-Songwriters spoken-word, Melodica, acoustic-guitar-hell, menace-to-society, headphones DonatedFuzzy zong 11 min 16 sec
ductapeguy's picture
Demo Uke + Glock = Rock fuc, ukulele, BIAB, glockenspiel, instrumental ductapeguy 1 51 min 54 sec
nerdjealous's picture
i'm alright [16a] SS, ss071220Q, piano and vocal, ss071220Q superskirmish nerdjealous 1 1 hour 31 min
wacha's picture
She Prays Week2, ballad, full production, sad, murder ballad, lost love Donatedwacha zong 1 hour 57 min
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Integrate Your Laundry Jerry Pettit zong 1 hour 57 min
alyxanderjames's picture
Demo Ace of Pentacles Acoustic, Folk, octave mandolin, 78 songs, tarot Donatedalyxanderjames 1 2 hours 1 min
cindyrella's picture
Blue Without You Blues/Country cindyrella zong 2 hours 52 min
NuJ4X's picture
link Blow This BxXxX electro house, house, nuj4x, edm, electronica, Fawmtronica NuJ4X 1 3 hours 4 min
Kurtis Kanttila's picture
link One Fine Day (Anaheim 1976) Country-Rock DonatedKurtis Kanttila 2 3 hours 6 min
Jackketch's picture
link Oh No, What To Do lo-fi, mournful country indie Jackketch 1 3 hours 8 min
DeannaSweidel's picture
Big Comfy Couch Week2, lyrics, fun DonatedDeannaSweidel 1 3 hours 12 min
LisaMarie777's picture
I'll Just Write A Song girl with guitar, Acoustic, Punk, snarky LisaMarie777 1 3 hours 22 min
IAmHiccup's picture
link Yesterday's News collab, Acoustic, folky IAmHiccup coolparadiso 4 3 hours 22 min
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Soil, Water, Light 1 Gospel, Acoustic, call and response DonatedChip Withrow 2 4 hours 7 min
Gwyn Jones's picture
link Shadow Play collaboration, Cindy Prince, Piano Ballad, solo, Demo DonatedGwyn Jones cindyrella 3 4 hours 23 min
Candle's picture
Demo Endless Choices - Under The Gallows Week1 Challenge, Rock Opera, Live-To-Tape, Jeskola Buzz Candle 1 4 hours 49 min
DeannaSweidel's picture
Daddy's Creed DonatedDeannaSweidel 3 6 hours 28 min
Bright B's picture
link Many Hands Bright B 2 7 hours 54 min
Roddy's picture
Demo Here we are ukulele, instrumental DonatedRoddy 4 9 hours 22 min
Saltyjohn's picture
A Comfortable Recliner Week2, challenge, furniture Saltyjohn 5 9 hours 34 min
marthienel's picture
video Rain marthienel 3 9 hours 38 min
crisp1's picture
Nothing to Anyone singer-songwriter needs-music needs-collaboration crisp1 2 9 hours 56 min
Edward Roussac's picture
My Plans Don't Come to Fruition (2020 rerecording) Rock, blues, guy with piano, electric guitar, bass, drums Edward Roussac 2 11 hours 11 min
IAmHiccup's picture
link Rebuild metal, orchestral, needs vocals IAmHiccup 2 12 hours 32 min
AlyssaPascal's picture
link Comfortable indie, Acoustic, singer-songwriter, pop, Folk AlyssaPascal 6 14 hours 55 min
pfoo's picture
Demo Voracious Donatedpfoo 6 15 hours 36 min
Chandra83's picture
Slaughtered Poetry, lyrics-only, fantasy, horror, battle Chandra83 3 15 hours 57 min
coolparadiso's picture
Yesterdays news Collaboration wanted Donatedcoolparadiso 3 16 hours 24 min
kahlo2013's picture
Scratch, Sniff, and Lick Children, animals, Needs music, needs vocals, collaboration desired kahlo2013 2 16 hours 40 min
metalfoot's picture
Decisions, Decisions acoustic rock Donatedmetalfoot 3 16 hours 54 min
thisisbeckyw's picture
Demo Bicycle Dog Acoustic, one-take, dogs Donatedthisisbeckyw 4 17 hours 3 min
JamKar's picture
Demo Witches Season horrormovietitle DonatedJamKar 3 17 hours 16 min
Candle's picture
Demo Berlette's Song* Rock Opera, Live-To-Tape, Jeskola Buzz Candle 2 17 hours 36 min
Chandra83's picture
Lurk Poetry, lyrics-only, fantasy, horror, fight Chandra83 1 17 hours 45 min
Motisbeard's picture
link Race You to Valhalla singer-songwriter Motisbeard 5 17 hours 53 min
Sunfire's picture
White Out Sunfire 1 17 hours 55 min
cleanshoes's picture
link On and On Folk, singer-songwriter, three-chords, pandemic, WearTheMask cleanshoes 6 18 hours 5 min
Michael Lockley's picture
Harbour pop Michael Lockley 4 18 hours 54 min
DeannaSweidel's picture
For A While collab welcome DonatedDeannaSweidel 2 19 hours 56 sec
Stephen Wordsmith's picture
A Hundred Clips Stephen Wordsmith 3 19 hours 21 min
tcelliott's picture
Demo Break It (T.C. Version) collab, singer songwriter, singersongwriter, Acoustic, one take, onetake Donatedtcelliott Stephen Wordsmith 2 19 hours 22 min
kahlo2013's picture
Quench My Thirst superskirmish, Praise and Worship, lyric-only needs music vocals need kahlo2013 5 19 hours 28 min
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo You're All Right Sundayskirmish, skirmish, a cappella DonatedChip Withrow 6 19 hours 50 min
cindyrella's picture
I'm Alright ss071220Q superskirmish, skirmish cindyrella 9 20 hours 5 min
barbara's picture
Demo I’m Alright skirmish, girl with small guitar, alternate tuning Donatedbarbara 5 20 hours 38 min
adamh's picture
link Away From You adamh 1 21 hours 7 min
mikehex's picture
Demo Just this Guy You Know week1 Donatedmikehex 1 21 hours 29 min
mike skliar's picture
I'm alright (at least for now) ss071220Q, skirmish, superskirmish, alright Donatedmike skliar 14 22 hours 25 min
Elesimo's picture
Demo Intro music, fiftyninety, op-z, instrumental, week1 Elesimo 1 22 hours 36 min
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
link Go/Do gloomfolk Technicolor Gra... 3 22 hours 40 min