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Edward's Music lol's picture
Why Won't Sleep Come? Edward's Music lol zong 7 min 29 sec
Acousticmaddie's picture
Faces of the Silver train guitalele, girl with guitalele, acoustic, nylon strings, one-take, ghost, legends, folklore, tales, storytelling, silvertrain DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie zong 16 min 8 sec
Acousticmaddie's picture
link I would choose hell Skirmish 69, evaluate, forsaken, folkish, storytelling, acoustic, gutalele, girl with guitalele, onetake DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie zong 27 min 30 sec
3tdoan's picture
Demo The shanty of mad Jim Black Folk, shanty, banjolele, banjo ukulele, tin whistle Donated3tdoan zong 1 hour 56 min
Johnny Cashpoint's picture
Demo 11 - Hands-Free Headsets lo-fi, comedy, Pop, Electronica, there ought to be a law Johnny Cashpoint Andy Balham zong 1 hour 59 min
Donna Devine's picture
Demo Cinnamon Love love, intimacy, acoustic piano, singer-songwriter DonatedDonna Devine hazeyjohnii 2 3 hours 16 min
marvsmooth's picture
link Sun Sun Sun ukulele, shortandsweet Donatedmarvsmooth 2 3 hours 50 min
sophielynette's picture
Demo Afraid ukulele insomnia sophielynette zong 4 hours 53 min
Jillington's picture
link Sunday Serenade banjo, stratocaster, garageband drummer, finger picking, Ballad Jillington zong 5 hours 16 min
ChariotBaldwin's picture
Two on Top Runes, Ing, Inguz, Runes EP, Folk, country, New Age ChariotBaldwin 2 6 hours 37 min
tsunamidaily's picture
happily ever after back rock, Pop, lyrics-only tsunamidaily 1 7 hours 16 min
stuartbenbow's picture
It's Really Cookin' acoustic, unplugged, live, demo, GYAWS, guy-with-guitar, Uptempo stuartbenbow 3 7 hours 21 min
Chandra83's picture
Yet To Be Poetry, lyrics only, depression, suicide Chandra83 2 8 hours 22 min
kahlo2013's picture
Player In A House Of Cards rock, collaborations welcome kahlo2013 2 8 hours 32 min
Chandra83's picture
Pull Me In Deep Poetry, lyrics only, depression Chandra83 1 9 hours 11 min
phanley's picture
Demo Climb the Mountain acoustic one-take Donatedphanley 1 9 hours 27 min
Chandra83's picture
On Track Poetry, lyrics only, depression, mental illness Chandra83 1 9 hours 30 min
oneslowtyper's picture
Jennifer lyrics only Donatedoneslowtyper 1 9 hours 46 min
amusia's picture
Demo Sad Waltz Thing Instrumental amusia 1 10 hours 17 min
plainwhitetoast's picture
Demo Worstimus Prime rock, grunge, improv Donatedplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 1 10 hours 23 min
writeandwrong's picture
Smells So Foul skirmish, skirmishJ19a, foulplay Donatedwriteandwrong 1 10 hours 29 min
plainwhitetoast's picture
Demo Fecund Swamp Pass rock, grunge, improv Donatedplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 2 10 hours 32 min
plainwhitetoast's picture
Demo Fentanyl, Hendrix Zero improv, rock, crash and burn Donatedplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters zong 10 hours 40 min
Tasha Parker Gibbs's picture
Your pickup truck needs music, needs collab, country Tasha Parker Gibbs 4 10 hours 53 min
edsmaron's picture
link Beach Run Week3, electronic fawmtronica, arpeggio, Instrumental edsmaron 2 11 hours 5 min
Chandra83's picture
Invisible Line Poetry, lyrics only, depression, self harm Chandra83 1 11 hours 22 min
Ferry Colyer's picture
Demo All for the better (with a kid like you) Middle East DonatedFerry Colyer 2 11 hours 32 min
Stephen Wordsmith's picture
True Love? ponderous, slice-of-life, interspecies Stephen Wordsmith 5 11 hours 39 min
colgoo's picture
Demo On Loss Week3, melancholic, girl with guitar Donatedcolgoo 3 12 hours 5 min
cindyrella's picture
Hotter Than Hades Weather, Folk cindyrella 5 12 hours 25 min
ChariotBaldwin's picture
Blue Pastures life challenges, Change, escape, Freedom, renewal, hope, despair ChariotBaldwin 2 12 hours 28 min
PeteMurphy's picture

Spatial Awareness DonatedPeteMurphy 5 12 hours 30 min
Kristi's picture
Never Really Said Goodbye needs music DonatedKristi 2 13 hours 15 min
reklov's picture
link Susi spooky, creepy, acappella reklov 2 13 hours 15 min
PeteMurphy's picture
Product Recall DonatedPeteMurphy 2 13 hours 17 min
PeteMurphy's picture
Magpie Zagpie DonatedPeteMurphy 2 13 hours 29 min
PeteMurphy's picture
Emma's Dizzy Spells DonatedPeteMurphy 2 13 hours 36 min
spirulence's picture
Demo My Cat Wants to be Me synthpop, cat, cats spirulence 4 13 hours 51 min
cindyrella's picture
At the County Fair Americana, Folk cindyrella 4 14 hours 30 min
mike skliar's picture
Demo Foul Play (skirmish) skirmish, foulplay, political, dobro, resonator guitar Donatedmike skliar 4 14 hours 38 min
Max in the Woods's picture
Murder in the First #skirmish #skirmishJ19a #foulplay Max in the Woods 3 15 hours 5 min
Unkept's picture
The Void rock, grunge, guitar, Fingers Hurt Unkept 2 15 hours 20 min
izaak's picture
link Reason Four - Mistakes gypsy jazz, clarinet, trombone izaak 2 15 hours 41 min
Acousticmaddie's picture
The shaded ol' Captain sea, pirates, lost ships, folklore, folkis, Dark, forsaken DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 2 15 hours 50 min
reklov's picture
link Bigfoot week 3, week 3 challenge, arpeggio reklov 3 15 hours 53 min
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Rodeo Clown DonatedJerry Pettit 3 16 hours 4 min
Faststrings75's picture
I Hear Someone's Bike! Faststrings75 1 16 hours 12 min
plainwhitetoast's picture
Demo Amity Island Beach Blanket Bingo punk, rock, Instrumental, surf, shark Donatedplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 3 17 hours 1 min
plainwhitetoast's picture
Demo the Flattener punk, rock, Instrumental Donatedplainwhitetoast the Catalytic Perverters 2 17 hours 10 min
TomS's picture
Demo Clarinet Piano Cello #3 Chamber DonatedTomS 3 17 hours 16 min