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link Around the Table SKIRMISH #: ss070519b Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 8 11 months 9 hours
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rainbow SkirmishInspired, MidnightStorm squeakmouse73 4 11 months 9 hours
phylo's picture
Not Wasting Time Donatedphylo 4 11 months 9 hours
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Soon There Will Be Clear Skies ss070519a, superskirmish, storm winnerkahlo2013 6 11 months 9 hours
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Demo The Table ss070519b, superskirmish, feast Donatedwinnermetalfoot 6 11 months 9 hours
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Demo storm cloud songskirmish, ss070519a Donatedwinnerplainwhitetoast 6 11 months 10 hours
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Demo Storms At Night ss070519a, Electronica, experimental DonatedJWHanberry 10 11 months 10 hours
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Knock Me Out DonatedKristi 7 11 months 10 hours
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Demo Click Track Heartbreak (Madam Breathehard) experimental, noise rock, Madam Breathehard Donatedwinnertcelliott 8 11 months 10 hours
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link I Don't Feel a Thing acoustic, organ, slide-guitar Powerstars 5 11 months 10 hours
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Demo On a Stormy Night When the Continental Army took... skirmish, Stormy Night, ss070519a Donatedwinnermike skliar 11 11 months 10 hours
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Demo The Ballad of Chester Duke ss070519a, superskirmish, feast Donatedalyxanderjames 11 11 months 10 hours
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Demo Stormy Night skirmish, superskirmish, storm DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 8 11 months 10 hours
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link Stormy Night SKIRMISH #: ss070519a Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 13 11 months 11 hours
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Demo Stormy Nights ss070519a, superskirmish, feast Donatedjohnstaples 23 11 months 11 hours
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link We Were In The Wars ss070519a, superskirmish, Stormy Night DonatedJibbidy34 16 11 months 11 hours
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'Stormy Night' music needed, ss070519a, superskirmish winnermusicsongwriter 10 11 months 11 hours
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Demo There's a Storm Comin' ss070519a, superskirmish, feast Donatedsunnymae 24 11 months 11 hours
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Demo Dark and Stormy ss070519a, superskirmish, feast Donatedwinnermetalfoot 16 11 months 11 hours
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link August in April aesthetic72 17 11 months 11 hours
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Here I Come country DonatedwinnerKingwood Kowboy 1 11 months 12 hours
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Rain Came Down Folk, rock, Americana Donatedjohnstaples 23 11 months 12 hours
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Demo Forgiveness FB Songskirmish, skirmish, acoustic one-take Donatedwinnermetalfoot 7 11 months 12 hours
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It Don't Matter Where I Go 50's Pop winnercindyrella 3 11 months 12 hours
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Demo Rolling Through the Storm banjo, Instrumental, bluegrass DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 7 11 months 12 hours
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Model's Fool acoustic, harmonies Donatedwinnerpokerowan 5 11 months 12 hours
Kate Y's picture
Sunny Days Are Here But I'm So Blue winnerKate Y 1 11 months 13 hours
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link Salad 808, 8 bit, Instrumental Victoria Quinn 4 11 months 13 hours
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Demo Empty sad, sorrow, regret DonatedwinnerKlaus oneslowtyper 18 11 months 13 hours
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Demo For starters odd time signature, bass guitar DonatedwinnerDragondreams 11 11 months 13 hours
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Demo These Truths Electronica DonatedJWHanberry 7 11 months 14 hours
cindyrella's picture
Smelly Fish! Humor, fish winnercindyrella 5 11 months 14 hours
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Demo On The Forecourt Of The Discount Tyre King prog rock, experimental guitar Silver Machine 17 11 months 14 hours
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link Fool for a While Electronic Drums GirlPower Dance Syth Retro sbs2018 9 11 months 15 hours
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Demo Wipe Our Tears Away spiritual, classical, vocal & piano DonatedwinnerSusan Cantey 7 11 months 16 hours
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Demo Impossible Choice PoopSong, criticaldecision DonatedOdilonGreen 17 11 months 16 hours
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Yard Work On 4th Of July! rock winnerRockwrites75 jcollins 2 11 months 16 hours
cindyrella's picture

The Music Lifted Me gospel, death, grief winnercindyrella 7 11 months 16 hours
kahlo2013's picture
Rust and Blue (See Demo at 37204) longing, love lost, needs music winnerkahlo2013 4 11 months 16 hours
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Demo The Fiddler Folk, Ballad Donatedwinnerkatpiercemusic 14 11 months 16 hours
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video Butterfly delicate, harmonics, acoustic Donated3tdoan 15 11 months 17 hours
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The New Heep Lyrics only Acoustic Contemplative Spring Summer Newness winnerustaknow 3 11 months 17 hours
cindyrella's picture
Illusion Rock/Pop winnercindyrella 4 11 months 18 hours
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Demo Friday Morning acapella Donatedwinnermetalfoot 18 11 months 18 hours
ustaknow's picture
She Stole My Heart Lyrics Only Acoustic Contemplative Humour Fun Women Candy winnerustaknow 5 11 months 18 hours
ustaknow's picture
As I Walk Through My Steps Lyrics Only Acoustic Contemplative Beer-Hall-Anthem winnerustaknow 2 11 months 19 hours
crisp1's picture
Grace in a Laundromat singer-songwriter, needs music, needs collaboration Donatedcrisp1 12 11 months 19 hours
Rockwrites75's picture
Traffic Jam In His Head! rock winnerRockwrites75 jcollins 6 11 months 19 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo Phosphorus acoustic, periodictable Donatedwinnermetalfoot 11 11 months 19 hours
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Don’t Ask Why My Face Is Pale country DonatedwinnerKingwood Kowboy 1 11 months 20 hours