Title Tags Songwriter Collaborators Comments Post datesort ascending
billwhite51's picture
link If I Live 100 Years mortality billwhite51 12 1 week 5 hours
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Even-Numbered Petals Country DonatedJerry Pettit 7 1 week 5 hours
Wackamoose's picture
link Sunrise Wackamoose 1 1 week 5 hours
Melody's picture
link Scenes From The Night acid, electronic, synth Melody 4 1 week 6 hours
fresh spotless youth's picture
link Tambourine (Not a Sad Song) Punk (Minor), collaboration welcome Donatedfresh spotless youth 14 1 week 6 hours
LisaMarie777's picture
My New Normal Acoustic, girl with guitar LisaMarie777 1 1 week 7 hours
Edward Roussac's picture
link Spaced Out psychedelic, Rock, Space Edward Roussac 1 1 week 7 hours
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
Things I Saw On My Walk short, somewhat weird Technicolor Gra... 5 1 week 8 hours
wacha's picture
Demo Broken Free 80s, Mysterious, synth Donatedwacha crisp1 5 1 week 8 hours
srcoops's picture
Strollin' srcoops 1 1 week 8 hours
coolparadiso's picture
link It Wont be Long Rock Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 7 1 week 9 hours
Freaks Of Nosmo 9's picture
Demo Background Socket Listener No.3 unacceptable face of weirdo music Freaks Of Nosmo 9 G3 Darnell 6 1 week 9 hours
srcoops's picture
Paradise for a Dime srcoops 1 1 week 9 hours
ryuu's picture
link Soundscape II instrumental, strings, soundtrack ryuu 1 1 week 9 hours
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Go Put Your Thing Down movie quote, orchestral, Discover Donatedheadfirstonly 8 1 week 9 hours
crisp1's picture
Messed Up needs-music needs-collaboration Donatedcrisp1 1 1 week 13 hours
Dragondreams's picture
Demo The dream continues... instrumental, ambient, acoustic guitar DonatedDragondreams 3 1 week 13 hours
Saltyjohn's picture
The Bar at Sorrow Point ballad, swampy Saltyjohn 4 1 week 14 hours
dzd's picture
Survival of the Dead or The Jug Bands are Finally... horrormovietitle dzd 11 1 week 17 hours
Elesimo's picture
Demo Lonely ballerina music, fiftyninety, op-z Elesimo 2 1 week 17 hours
pipewrench67's picture
link deliquesce terrace Neo Soup pipewrench67 3 1 week 17 hours
Chandra83's picture
In the End Poetry, non-rhyming, fantasy winnerChandra83 1 1 week 18 hours
Aging Ophelia's picture
Value folk-scape folk-trance Aging Ophelia 4 1 week 18 hours
tjeff's picture
Make Up Your Mind Rock, harmony, Writers Block Donatedtjeff 5 1 week 18 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo Sleep acapella Donatedwinnermetalfoot 4 1 week 18 hours
robertjames1971's picture
link Please Scream Inside Your Heart Rock robertjames1971 1 1 week 20 hours
David Hendricks's picture
link Highway to Miami vaporwave, retro, 80's David Hendricks 3 1 week 20 hours
kc5's picture
Mounds Underground Sociopolitical Rock kc5 3 1 week 20 hours
robertjames1971's picture
link Here Comes Round Two Rock robertjames1971 4 1 week 21 hours
Wackamoose's picture
link Tuliumbwa Wackamoose 2 1 week 21 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Visiones de Flores (Visions of Flowers) Meditation, flowers, Spanish DonatedChip Withrow 4 1 week 22 hours
cleanshoes's picture
link Zanesville Bridge Week3, Folk, indie cleanshoes 10 1 week 22 hours
TheTau's picture
link Wolf Alternate Rock DonatedTheTau 6 1 week 22 hours
philmcmill's picture
Demo Process Of Elimination pop uke sudoku Donatedphilmcmill 2 1 week 23 hours
adamh's picture
link End of an Era adamh 2 1 week 23 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Witches Three StoryCube, Shakespeare Donatedkatpiercemusic 6 1 week 23 hours
Chandra83's picture
Swiftly Poetry, non-rhyming, fantasy winnerChandra83 1 1 week 1 day
dzd's picture
link Truly Amazing fakeit dzd 3 1 week 1 day
carleybaer's picture
Demo I Will Not Fight With Strangers On The Internet piano, old-timey, vaudeville Donatedcarleybaer 11 1 week 1 day
matthijs's picture
To be a child for a day matthijs 1 1 week 1 day
Dragondreams's picture
Demo This is how the dream begins experimental, jazzy, slow DonatedDragondreams 7 1 week 1 day
Candle's picture
Demo Taboo Nights In Walla Walla, Washington Jazz?, experimental, Live-To-Tape Candle 5 1 week 1 day
LisaMarie777's picture
Who's the Poseur Now? punk rock, Acoustic, girl with guitar LisaMarie777 1 1 week 1 day
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Moonlight Through The Blinds jazz, lounge DonatedJerry Pettit 8 1 week 1 day
Candle's picture
Demo Vesuvian Glider Week4, Post-Rock, shoegaze Candle 1 1 week 1 day
cindyrella's picture
The Silent Treatment duet, arguing, Rock Donatedwinnercindyrella 2 1 week 1 day
Mt.Mélodie's picture
Demo Truly Amazing fakeit, fakeitchallenge, 6/8 DonatedMt.Mélodie 9 1 week 1 day
billwhite51's picture
link Loose Lips acoustic rock billwhite51 cindyrella 13 1 week 1 day
Frances Smith's picture
link Anchor acoustic singer songwriter Frances Smith 7 1 week 1 day
coolparadiso's picture
link All for you break out the steel drums Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 5 1 week 1 day