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metalfoot's picture
Demo With Great Anticipation piano ballad, collab Donatedwinnermetalfoot Jibbidy34 3 6 days 9 hours
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link Rest indie, indie rock, lo-fi alexpascal 1 6 days 9 hours
Graceville's picture
link Strawberry Fields Graceville 2 6 days 9 hours
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You've Got More of an Achilles' Body harmonies, full demo, pop punk Donatedpokerowan 3 6 days 10 hours
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Demo Full moon, empty plates strange, short, experimental Donatedmike skliar 3 6 days 11 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Nightwind Instrumental, Ambient, logic Donatedkatpiercemusic 6 6 days 11 hours
Trendall's picture
link Chip's Challenge acoustic, alternate tuning, fingerpicking Trendall 2 6 days 11 hours
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link Numb folk Band-in-a-Box JoanneCooper cindyrella 6 6 days 12 hours
cindyrella's picture
A Great Way to Start Our Love Spell of love, Folk winnercindyrella 2 6 days 12 hours
marthienel's picture
video Tao Te Ching Verse 29 Tao Te Ching winnermarthienel 2 6 days 12 hours
mike skliar's picture
Sing, sing sing (great as a grin) happy, jazzy, rock Donatedmike skliar 7 6 days 12 hours
marthienel's picture
video Our World is Filled With Animals winnermarthienel cindyrella 4 6 days 13 hours
pokerowan's picture
link Demilingual acoustic, free verse, ish Donatedpokerowan 2 6 days 13 hours
kahlo2013's picture
Darn Dog, Darn Cat (aka the true story about last... Pets, silly, true winnerkahlo2013 3 6 days 14 hours
pokerowan's picture
link Lake Keeping acoustic, one-take Donatedpokerowan 2 6 days 14 hours
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Demo I Am Loved classical show tune spiritual DonatedSusan Cantey 5 6 days 14 hours
cindyrella's picture

Sleepin' In love, passion winnercindyrella 2 6 days 14 hours
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Surprise Sad lyric, needs music Donatedcrisp1 4 6 days 15 hours
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Adieu srcoops 8 6 days 16 hours
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Andy Was Lucky He Got Away! Rockwrites75 jcollins 2 6 days 16 hours
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link We Did Just Obey Donatedwinnercoolparadiso Acousticmaddie 7 6 days 17 hours
kahlo2013's picture
Bang! Bang! punk, rock, gritty winnerkahlo2013 1 6 days 17 hours
Kingwood Kowboy's picture
Last Of The Old Sunset Cowboys country, cowboy DonatedwinnerKingwood Kowboy 1 6 days 17 hours
tcelliott's picture
Demo The Ways I Mistreated You acoustic, One take, country Donatedtcelliott 2 6 days 17 hours
kahlo2013's picture
Imagining the Worst Country Rock, needs music, collaboration desired winnerkahlo2013 1 6 days 18 hours
glyne3's picture
Comeuppance Guilt, hangman, noose glyne3 Steven Davies 1 6 days 18 hours
msykes71's picture
link D Drone (instrumental) drone msykes71 2 6 days 20 hours
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link Sparkle singer-songwriter Roel van Veldt cindyrella 4 6 days 20 hours
petra777's picture
Happy Accident petra777 3 6 days 20 hours
owl's picture
link Kind Apocalypse Indie Pop, maximalism, mellotron Donatedowl 8 6 days 21 hours
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link If I Were Whiskey Pam Grisham 4 6 days 22 hours
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Gently, I Walk lyrics only needs music and vocals Donatedoneslowtyper 6 6 days 23 hours
Pam Grisham's picture
link If Heaven Let Us Be #acoustic #guitar #folk blues Pam Grisham 3 6 days 23 hours
glyne3's picture
Caught in between Dark, self esteem, angst glyne3 Steven Davies 1 1 week 1 hour
AndyGetch's picture
Taking A Line For A Walk/Magic Trick/Writing Is... morph2, lyrics DonatedAndyGetch 3 1 week 3 hours
LadyRed's picture
Out of the Black Poetry, love, intimacy LadyRed 1 1 week 3 hours
AndyGetch's picture
The Three Of Us Tonight acoustic guitar, electric cars, closing number DonatedAndyGetch 6 1 week 3 hours
AndyGetch's picture
Demo Greenhouse acoustic one take, one track, tenor banjo DonatedAndyGetch 2 1 week 5 hours
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Demo When You Think of Me acoustic, one-take Donatedthisisbeckyw 3 1 week 5 hours
Valerie Cox's picture
Demo Trapped For A Minute trap, electronic, Instrumental DonatedValerie Cox 5 1 week 6 hours
cindyrella's picture
Life and Whiskey alcohol, Country/Folk winnercindyrella 4 1 week 6 hours
Kate Y's picture
Sweet Paradise Kate Y 1 1 week 6 hours
ustaknow's picture
Your Unlocking Key Acoustic Lyric-only undefined another-5min-write ustaknow 2 1 week 7 hours
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Demo Waltz for Banjo and Harmonium Instrumental, banjo, harmonium DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 5 1 week 7 hours
Trendall's picture
link Two Lovers acoustic, singer-songwriter, capo Trendall 7 1 week 7 hours
Amanda West's picture
Demo It's So Easy To Fall In Love love song, Ballad, rock DonatedAmanda West coreystewart 4 1 week 7 hours
tcelliott's picture
Demo Toilet Paper Math acoustic, One take, toilet paper Donatedtcelliott 5 1 week 7 hours
Acousticmaddie's picture
We did just obey #needs music, needs collab, music wanted DonatedAcousticmaddie 3 1 week 8 hours
cindyrella's picture
If Only Lost youth, country? winnercindyrella 1 1 week 8 hours
Klaus's picture
Demo Moon Over Us Ballad, moon DonatedKlaus DeannaSweidel 10 1 week 9 hours