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Rob From Amersfoort's picture
Demo When Love Is Gone (1:59) DonatedRob From Amersfoort 4 4 days 19 hours
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
video Shhhmorga's Bored collab, chord organ DonatedTechnicolor Gra... PeteMurphy 4 4 days 19 hours
edsmaron's picture
Demo A Little Something Before the Wedding Instrumental, beats, Ambient Donatedwinneredsmaron 1 4 days 20 hours
headfirstonly's picture
Demo When The Words Won't Come prog rock, creative block, inspiration Donatedheadfirstonly 3 4 days 20 hours
musicsongwriter's picture
link The Melody Will Play No Matter What... Piano, collaborations welcome musicsongwriter 3 4 days 20 hours
Kristi's picture
Leave Me to Wander needs music DonatedKristi 6 4 days 21 hours
davewermers's picture
Demo Too Much Water In The Lake Donateddavewermers 1 4 days 21 hours
Edward's Music lol's picture
The Fast Food Song Pop, rock, indie Edward's Music lol zong 4 days 22 hours
cindyrella's picture

August Fog Folk, nature winnercindyrella 6 4 days 22 hours
musicsongwriter's picture
We Are Too Different (needs music) lyrics, needs music, needs singer musicsongwriter 1 4 days 22 hours
Vom Vorton's picture
Demo Miss Narration new wave, indie-rock, dunno really DonatedVom Vorton French Cricket 5 4 days 23 hours
kahlo2013's picture
Teeth of Truth Deceit, Affair, Cheating winnerkahlo2013 5 4 days 23 hours
crisp1's picture
Lonely Dogs #singer-songwriter or maybe even jazz or jazzy crisp1 4 4 days 23 hours
reklov's picture
link Heinz zither, whistling, mysterious reklov 1 5 days 26 min
kahlo2013's picture
Garden of Love love, Folk, past love winnerkahlo2013 4 5 days 37 min
Acousticmaddie's picture
link A new day break morning, sun, acoustic DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 3 5 days 1 hour
ampersandman's picture
Demo Medicine acoustic, demo, travel ampersandman 2 5 days 1 hour
mike skliar's picture
Demo How do we make happiness viral? depression, self-help, acoustic Donatedmike skliar 3 5 days 7 hours
Jessicagraae's picture
Demo Pretty Doll #folk, #singer-songwriter DonatedJessicagraae 2 5 days 9 hours
barbara's picture
Demo Love, the River is Low beauty-despite-hardship, love-in-lean-times, spare Donatedbarbara 4 5 days 9 hours
TheTau's picture
Demo Country Jazz jazz, country, needs lyrics DonatedTheTau 4 5 days 9 hours
Ferry Colyer's picture
Demo I wished that I could sleep a 1,000 years (in my... sleep, Psychedelic DonatedFerry Colyer 8 5 days 10 hours
Arthur Rossi's picture
Officers and commanders (needs music) needs-music, needs-music-vocals, lyrics Arthur Rossi 2 5 days 11 hours
metalfoot's picture
Life Changes partial capo, melancholy, grief is a strange thing Donatedwinnermetalfoot 4 5 days 11 hours
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Lullaby, Opus 21 DonatedJerry Pettit 7 5 days 12 hours
tcelliott's picture
Zodiac rock, literature, Neal Stephenson Donatedtcelliott 7 5 days 12 hours
Scubed's picture
Demo Hold On to the Light GYAWS, LOTR, movie-scene DonatedScubed 6 5 days 12 hours
Acousticmaddie's picture
link Voices of murder darkness, death, murder DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 3 5 days 12 hours
lowhum's picture
link INNER CHOICES jazzy, e-percussion, existential lowhum 1 5 days 13 hours
Acousticmaddie's picture
Let the game begin BDSM, collab welcome, collaboration wanted DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 1 5 days 13 hours
Acousticmaddie's picture
Can’t just forget the tears lost friendship, collab welcome, sad DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 2 5 days 13 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
link Down River finishfriday Donatedkatpiercemusic 3 5 days 13 hours
cindyrella's picture

Mama's Watchin' Country or Blue Grass winnercindyrella 3 5 days 13 hours
Hummingbird's picture
link The Ancient City spooky Hummingbird 3 5 days 13 hours
TomS's picture
Demo Summer In The Fall music DonatedTomS 2 5 days 14 hours
The Lung God's picture
link He'll Heal Me Then He'll Bill My Foes (... The Lung God 2 5 days 14 hours
expendable friend's picture
Demo Much thinking choral music for the robot takeover, did someone say throwaway? Donatedexpendable friend 3 5 days 14 hours
Arthur Rossi's picture
Poison (needs music) needs-music, needs-music-vocals, lyrics Arthur Rossi 1 5 days 14 hours
Scubed's picture
Demo Don't Waste Your Time Week6, Piano, 12-bar-blues DonatedScubed 2 5 days 14 hours
billwhite51's picture
The Omnipresent No Poetry, love, heartbreak winnerbillwhite51 1 5 days 15 hours
billwhite51's picture
link Skin and Fur erotic winnerbillwhite51 1 5 days 15 hours
billwhite51's picture
With Miles at the Isle of Wight satirical criticism, jazz funk, spoken word winnerbillwhite51 1 5 days 15 hours
reklov's picture
link Achmed Acoustic folk, refugees, recorder reklov 2 5 days 15 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Shipwrecked DonatedChip Withrow 3 5 days 15 hours
billwhite51's picture
Demo Because I have Not Seen God winnerbillwhite51 expendable... 2 5 days 15 hours
Scubed's picture
Demo Moving Day Week1, special-occasion, Folk DonatedScubed 4 5 days 17 hours
Roddy's picture
Demo Nestling ukuleles ukulele, FUC, Instrumental DonatedRoddy 5 5 days 17 hours
the pannacotta army's picture
Demo Don't Come Too Close Downtempo, Dark, #randomcollab the pannacotta army 5 5 days 18 hours
sph's picture
link Cup of tea ten-second-songs, acapella, one-take sph 4 5 days 19 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
link One unity Donatedkatpiercemusic 3 5 days 19 hours