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Tim Fatchen's picture
link Byron Bay [FT] CBG, cigarbox guitar, Folk DonatedTim Fatchen 8 4 days 6 hours
Michael White's picture
link Night Swim beach, indie Michael White 2 4 days 6 hours
wimx52's picture
link Life In The Crystal Caverns Dance, electronic wimx52 2 4 days 7 hours
oneslowtyper's picture
Demo Never Had a Chance - acapella rock, heavy metal Donatedoneslowtyper 6 4 days 8 hours
pfoo's picture
Demo Reel Memories synth, guitar Donatedpfoo 4 4 days 8 hours
MarkG's picture
link Forever Comes to an End last time together, acoustic, demo version DonatedMarkG 9 4 days 9 hours
Driftwood1's picture
Guitar Mood 7-6 Guitar improv Driftwood1 1 4 days 9 hours
Chandra83's picture
Succumb Poetry, lyrics-only, depression DonatedChandra83 1 4 days 10 hours
TheTau's picture
Demo Dumbo World DonatedTheTau 4 4 days 10 hours
standup's picture
Stop rock, electronic, synth Donatedstandup pfoo 9 4 days 11 hours
Blue Tomorrows's picture
link No Soap Radio Piano, silent film, experimental Blue Tomorrows 5 4 days 11 hours
JackByrne's picture
video Throw Me in the Fire acoustic, Folk, guitar JackByrne 5 4 days 11 hours
Chandra83's picture
Blood and Tears Poetry, lyrics-only, depression DonatedChandra83 1 4 days 11 hours
AprilM's picture
Demo Find the Time rock, Protest DonatedAprilM kahlo2013 3 4 days 11 hours
cleanshoes's picture
link Nonbelievers Folk, indie, acoustic cleanshoes 5 4 days 11 hours
Steve Hedges Jr.'s picture
Remember Me Steve Hedges Jr. 2 4 days 11 hours
David Hendricks's picture
link Rain Sound lofi chillhop chill David Hendricks 1 4 days 11 hours
sam sorrow's picture
I fell into the aqueduct Acoustic lo-fi sam sorrow 8 4 days 12 hours
iveg's picture
Talking Like a Pirate iveg 1 4 days 13 hours
AprilM's picture
Demo I Still Love You So singer-songwriter, Country-folk, acoustic DonatedAprilM 5 4 days 13 hours
McTown's picture
link I'm Only Lonely McTown 2 4 days 14 hours
musicsongwriter's picture
There Is No You... lyrics, collaborations welcome musicsongwriter 1 4 days 14 hours
oneslowtyper's picture
Turning Back Pages lyrics only needs music and vocals Donatedoneslowtyper 3 4 days 14 hours
dsweidel's picture
Listening to the Rain lyrics only, open to collabs Donateddsweidel 4 4 days 15 hours
SpiffyFlinger's picture
Low Llamas Indie Pop, baroque pop, exotica SpiffyFlinger 5 4 days 15 hours
Krayzie003's picture
link Innocence Knows No Evil Piano, Solo Instrument Krayzie003 1 4 days 15 hours
lowhum's picture
Demo EVENTUALLY acoustic-one-take, beatlesque, kind-o-midnighty lowhum 1 4 days 15 hours
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
video July tremolo guitar, eclectic Technicolor Gra... 7 4 days 16 hours
Jerry Pettit's picture
video Soft Hands, Soft Voice BIAB, Band In A Box, country Jerry Pettit 4 4 days 16 hours
1B King's picture
Demo Bourbonomics stella, slide, bourbon Donated1B King 3 4 days 16 hours
1B King's picture
Demo Aeon's State Of Flux Piano, haunted, aeon-flux Donated1B King 3 4 days 16 hours
Still Forever's picture
link Disconnect electronic Still Forever 4 4 days 17 hours
mark's picture
Demo Stay Alert electronic, alternative, auntie-syn mark 6 4 days 17 hours
laughingwater2's picture
Echoes of Another Day laughingwater2 1 4 days 17 hours
SueAwesome's picture
everything you said needs music, needs vocals SueAwesome 2 4 days 17 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Salamander literary, round, Dark Donatedkatpiercemusic 6 4 days 18 hours
Driftwood1's picture
link Guitar Mood 7-5 Improv Guitar Mood Driftwood1 1 4 days 18 hours
pearlmanhattan's picture
link Can't let you go Kpop, phone, loops Donatedpearlmanhattan 3 4 days 18 hours
wimx52's picture
link Whalesong ocean, chillout wimx52 2 4 days 18 hours
Fuzzy's picture
Demo Steam Rail Survey Cell 14 - Report Number 26B Science-Fiction-Ethnography DonatedFuzzy 6 4 days 18 hours
Kate Y's picture
Daytime to Nighttime Ballard type Kate Y 1 4 days 18 hours
musicsongwriter's picture
link Crying Dreams dreams, Instrumental, nostalgic musicsongwriter 4 4 days 19 hours
dsweidel's picture
Love Songs For You lyrics only, open to collabs, country Donateddsweidel 3 4 days 19 hours
1B King's picture
Demo Mad Hatter Visits The Upside Down experimental, weird, sound-art Donated1B King Fuzzy 6 4 days 20 hours
1B King's picture
Demo By And By Ambient, chill, electric Donated1B King 3 4 days 20 hours
cindyrella's picture

Picnic Country or pop cindyrella 1 4 days 20 hours
philmcmill's picture
Demo Can't Stop Now Folk philmcmill 2 4 days 20 hours
marthienel's picture
All I want to be is the smell marthienel 1 4 days 22 hours
crisp1's picture
Don't Turn Out the Light rock, Pop, needs music crisp1 3 4 days 22 hours
Frances Smith's picture
link Matteus Ingelsson Wrote This Song acoustic Frances Smith 3 4 days 22 hours