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How solid are we? spoken word, short, poetic Donatedbarbara 14 5 days 16 hours
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My Biggest Fear Skirmish tag: #s081119a Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 10 5 days 16 hours
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I’m Afraid Sunday skirmish, fear, love winnerkahlo2013 11 5 days 16 hours
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Demo My Biggest Fear s081119a skirmish, songskirmish, feast DonatedAndyGetch 8 5 days 16 hours
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Purple Passion Phantasy (Color Song #3) colors, Purple, 60's corinne54 4 5 days 16 hours
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My Biggest Fear! Rockwrites75 6 5 days 16 hours
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link My Biggest Fear skirmish, songskirmish, s081119a corinne54 14 5 days 16 hours
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Kissed By Your Hell love, toxic, lyrics only DonatedAmanda West Steven... 13 5 days 16 hours
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Demo My Biggest Fear s081119a, skirmish, songskirmish Donatedmetalfoot 16 5 days 17 hours
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link In The Darkest Hour Ballad, rock Kurtis Kanttila 6 5 days 17 hours
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link Join Them #instrumental #guitar Drive By Love Fest 2 5 days 17 hours
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Suddenly Smelling The Feast! Rockwrites75 2 5 days 18 hours
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Blue Man with Giant Hand dreamy, mellow Technicolor Gra... 8 5 days 18 hours
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Demo Let It Roll rock, rock'n'roll, boogie DonatedKlaus metalfoot 8 5 days 20 hours
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Demo Igne Crucis Metal, Instrumental, band Kraftec 1 5 days 20 hours
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Demo Rapture of the Deep Prog, Electronica, synthwave Donatedheadfirstonly 6 5 days 21 hours
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Learn My Lesson abuse, rock winnercindyrella 3 5 days 22 hours
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ED #instrumental, Soul, 60s pop Donatedcts 17 5 days 22 hours
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link Go to Him short, bright, Funny billwhite51 9 5 days 22 hours
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Demo Simple Pleasures Are Best winnerkahlo2013 6 5 days 22 hours
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video Old Hands solo piano, Piano, neoceltic DonatedTim Fatchen 4 5 days 22 hours
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video Poor Lydia Gow banjolele, maritime, Folk Donated3tdoan 7 5 days 23 hours
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BROTHER #lyricsonly #needsmusic #collabrequired benjo 3 6 days 5 hours
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Demo Do You Like Beards? beards-for-all, Beards yam655 4 6 days 7 hours
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Demo This is a test. yam655 2 6 days 8 hours
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Can't tell a Soul depression, secrets, I'm your friend but you're not mine ChariotBaldwin 2 6 days 8 hours
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Demo Good people doing nothing (a death worse then... collab, blues, rap Donatedmike skliar g2slade 3 6 days 8 hours
ChariotBaldwin's picture
Backseat Driver pensive, thoughtful, sad ChariotBaldwin 1 6 days 8 hours
Chandra83's picture
Grasping Poetry, depression DonatedChandra83 2 6 days 8 hours
ChariotBaldwin's picture

Birthday Girl Upbeat Rock, new birthday anthem, anthem ChariotBaldwin 2 6 days 10 hours
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Dream rock, political, Pride g2slade 3 6 days 10 hours
ChariotBaldwin's picture
The Real Me self reflection, Pondering, might be folk ChariotBaldwin 1 6 days 10 hours
LadyRed's picture
You Aren't Alone Poetry, love, intimacy LadyRed 2 6 days 11 hours
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Demo From the snow-covered mountains jam, guitar, Instrumental DonatedElesimo 3 6 days 12 hours
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link Who I Am rock, Pop, choices cola 5 6 days 13 hours
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Demo Leave Me The Thrills rap, political, Protest g2slade 6 6 days 13 hours
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Demo I Can't Sing This I don't know, acid Donatedjcollins 7 6 days 13 hours
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video The saddest waltz marthienel cindyrella 5 6 days 13 hours
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Hillbilly Lane country, Folk DonatedwinnerKingwood Kowboy 1 6 days 14 hours
Kate Y's picture
Surviving this Desert Kate Y 2 6 days 14 hours
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Demo Oh, Sir Nibbleton Piano, old-time, garden DonatedChip Withrow 4 6 days 14 hours
Kate Y's picture
Song of Saviour Kate Y 1 6 days 14 hours
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Demo Housekeeping lyricloud, acoustic guitar, harmonies Donatedbarbara 5 6 days 15 hours
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link Missing 60s' Vibes skirmish, lyrics wanted, singer needed musicsongwriter 7 6 days 15 hours
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How Bout Tomorrow Night? s100819a, skirmish, songskirmish winnercindyrella 4 6 days 15 hours
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Ready For A Meltdown love song, Ballad, Folk DonatedAmanda West coreystewart 4 6 days 15 hours
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Emma s100819a skirmish Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 4 6 days 15 hours
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video It's a Beautiful Day skirmish beatles folk rock Ggallagher 3 6 days 16 hours
Amanda West's picture
She's My Sugar In The Morning whatever damn genre you want, music needed, lyrics only DonatedAmanda West Krayzie003 6 6 days 16 hours
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Demo Donut Town electronic spirulence 4 6 days 16 hours