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Demo Lost On Me Tribute, rock, Americana Donatedtcelliott 6 4 days 10 hours
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Demo Iron Cupcake Accordion Donatedstandup 4 4 days 10 hours
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link Bangs and Feathers 80's, eighties, mall wave David Hendricks 5 4 days 10 hours
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She Needs An Exorcism! Rockwrites75 3 4 days 11 hours
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link Lonely Jyllian 2 4 days 12 hours
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link Wait Jyllian 2 4 days 12 hours
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Raise the Sun Poetry, love. intimacy LadyRed 2 4 days 12 hours
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Numb country, alcohol, lost love winnercindyrella 5 4 days 12 hours
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Demo Sea of Longing round, GB, thoughts of love winnerkahlo2013 8 4 days 13 hours
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Demo Still Fighting A Headache! rock Donatedjcollins Rockwrites75 7 4 days 13 hours
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Coyote Lullaby lullaby, Waltz Donatedkatpiercemusic 5 4 days 15 hours
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link Run & Hide singer songwriter rock brandondale_72 4 4 days 15 hours
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link I am thinking of you Band-in-a-Box JoanneCooper cindyrella 6 4 days 17 hours
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link Nervous (Flowers and Trees) post-punk-country Donatedfresh spotless youth 9 4 days 18 hours
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Power Up Amanda Palmer competition littlespiral 6 4 days 18 hours
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video Heaven's dismissed lyricloud, rock, Dark Donated3tdoan 4 4 days 19 hours
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That Piece of Me lost love, redemption winnercindyrella 5 4 days 20 hours
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Demo The Augie Song August, old-timey, acoustic DonatedChip Withrow 10 4 days 20 hours
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The Lesson littlespiral brigetboyle 4 4 days 22 hours
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Dwelling littlespiral 3 4 days 22 hours
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link A Winters Flame one minute song, sonnet billwhite51 10 4 days 23 hours
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link The Drums! (or) On Discovering that Daenerys... filmic, classical, choral DonatedTim Fatchen 6 5 days 11 min
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Demo Noise #2 noise yam655 4 5 days 17 min
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link Hi, I'm Here to See Miss Ammut electronic, synthpop atitlan 4 5 days 47 min
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Aint Gonna be that way rap base Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 13 5 days 1 hour
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Demo The Woman I Love blues, blues and more blues, unrequited love Donatedcoreystewart 4 5 days 4 hours
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WOMAN #lyricsonly #needsmusic #collabrequired benjo 1 5 days 4 hours
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link Death Defying ausongs 3 5 days 7 hours
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My Country rock, drop-d, political g2slade 3 5 days 10 hours
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Come Close Sensual, adult, desire winnerkahlo2013 2 5 days 10 hours
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A Few More Folds Acoustic lyrics-only undefined ustaknow 3 5 days 10 hours
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Not Meant For You acoustic guitar, electric cars, multiple voices DonatedAndyGetch 8 5 days 10 hours
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link The Sunflower gregjwere 4 5 days 10 hours
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I Love the Rain DonatedKristi 10 5 days 11 hours
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Demo road weary tsunamidaily tcelliott 5 5 days 12 hours
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link Midnight Sneakers Pizzacato, sneaky David Hendricks 3 5 days 12 hours
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I'm Not Your Sanity titular Tabitha Littlejohn 3 5 days 12 hours
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I See A Rainbow In Each Teardrop country DonatedwinnerKingwood Kowboy 2 5 days 14 hours
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Keep It Hush-Hush country DonatedwinnerKingwood Kowboy 1 5 days 15 hours
Kate Y's picture
Words Of Wisdom Kate Y 3 5 days 15 hours
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Demo One Thing I Fear skirmish, Sunday skirmish, ukulele DonatedChip Withrow 12 5 days 15 hours
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Keep My Head In Daylight skirmish, s081119a, electro funk DonatedJWHanberry 16 5 days 15 hours
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Demo (Don't Be A) Rat Blues s081119a skirmish, songskirmish, feast Donatedtcelliott 12 5 days 16 hours
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Demo My Biggest Fear #Acoustic Rock, rock Donatedjcollins 13 5 days 16 hours
Kate Y's picture
Cinderella of The Disco Kate Y 2 5 days 16 hours
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Demo I’m Going To Burst Your Bubble Anti-Syn, anti song, pseudo heavy metal winnerkahlo2013 wobbie wobbit 3 5 days 16 hours
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My Biggest Fear #s081119a skirmish, songskirmish, feast. humor winnercindyrella 12 5 days 16 hours
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I don't want to see you go lyrics, skirmish, fear musicsongwriter 11 5 days 16 hours
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My biggest fear skirmish, political, Protest Donatedmike skliar 17 5 days 16 hours
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Demo I Missed The Point Folk, One take, girl with guitar DonatedCorinneLucy 4 5 days 16 hours