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link Alone when the sirens are gone singer songwriter, acoustic, acoustic guitar DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 2 2 weeks 7 hours
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A Case of You needs-music, country bithprod 1 2 weeks 7 hours
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When compared to her… (needs music) needs-music, needs-music-vocals, lyrics Arthur Rossi 2 2 weeks 7 hours
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Demo What Goes Around folk rock philmcmill 6 2 weeks 7 hours
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La Di Da (I'm Feeling Free) happy, decluttering, old-time DonatedScubed 6 2 weeks 8 hours
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Demo A Blessing and a Curse alt. rock bithprod 1 2 weeks 8 hours
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A/C Air Is Being Stubborn! Faststrings75 2 2 weeks 8 hours
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Led By Liars DonatedPeteMurphy 4 2 weeks 8 hours
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Song Stuck in My Head Life of writers a bit of humor, uke or guitar cindyrella 4 2 weeks 8 hours
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video Ham Fist weird, bass guitar DonatedTechnicolor Gra... 3 2 weeks 8 hours
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link Starscream's Brigade Goof Rock Barry Goldman 4 2 weeks 8 hours
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Talking to the Waves needs music, needs collaboration crisp1 3 2 weeks 9 hours
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link The Sum of my Mistakes Pop, smooth atitlan 9 2 weeks 9 hours
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Cheese Max in the Woods 6 2 weeks 9 hours
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Unanswered needs-collab, needs-music, lyrics only Marije 10 2 weeks 10 hours
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Demo Here Comes Your PTSD Orchestral DonatedTomS 4 2 weeks 10 hours
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Demo Decline Piano, vocals Donatedhazeyjohnii 7 2 weeks 10 hours
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link Oh so similar guy-with-guitar R.B. 3 2 weeks 10 hours
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link About Time ukulele, acoustic, one-take ZsuzsaDoe 4 2 weeks 10 hours
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Demo Voyage with Frankie Chair Yoga, Plank-spanking, atmosphere DonatedDragondreams 5 2 weeks 10 hours
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link Primal Crawl Instrumental, world, rhythm edsmaron 4 2 weeks 10 hours
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link Sky Blue dreamy folk pop billwhite51 4 2 weeks 10 hours
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Limit (needs music) needs-music, needs-music-vocals, lyrics Arthur Rossi 5 2 weeks 10 hours
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The Sound of Summer Dee 5 2 weeks 11 hours
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Demo Get your filthy hands off my spaceship prog rock, current affairs, science Donatedheadfirstonly 10 2 weeks 11 hours
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link 4th of July dadgad, acoustic, one-take DonatedSw1n3flu 6 2 weeks 11 hours
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Demo That's My Boy (My Son and My Other Son) fathers-and-sons, serious-family-drama DonatedOdilonGreen 14 2 weeks 11 hours
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50% Too Much needs-music, Pop, rock bithprod 1 2 weeks 11 hours
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Demo Open Mic at The Jelly Factory #1 Miss You feat.... Humor, skit, chipwithrow shout out Donatedcts 9 2 weeks 11 hours
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link Lunch Break Instrumental, rock, Pop Edward's Music lol 2 2 weeks 13 hours
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video Kibosh Xiangqi 2 2 weeks 14 hours
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video Guitar Gohonzon Guitar_Gohonzon, Plastic Xiangqi 1 2 weeks 14 hours
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video Nowhere to Go Plastic, Nowhere_to_Go, Riff Xiangqi 2 2 weeks 14 hours
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Wronged Plastic, Wronged Xiangqi 1 2 weeks 14 hours
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video Action Able Plastic, Action_Able Xiangqi 1 2 weeks 14 hours
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link The devil just froze collaboration, guy with piano, collab DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie hazeyjohnii 4 2 weeks 16 hours
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Gluttony (looking for collab) DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 3 2 weeks 16 hours
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link Im cutting the rope girl with guitar, onetake, one-take DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 6 2 weeks 17 hours
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A world of smoke and mirrors (looking for collab) collab needed, looking for collab, collaborations welcome DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 1 2 weeks 17 hours
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He fell in love with a hurricane collabel. DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 5 2 weeks 17 hours
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link Dam of Creation Space Rock, experimental, #2 auldy 10 2 weeks 18 hours
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link Another Blackstar Fallen iveg 5 2 weeks 18 hours
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Demo Minneapolis Tom acoustic, one-take Donatedthisisbeckyw 8 2 weeks 18 hours
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link Bigger Heartache banjo, blues, acoustic Jillington 11 2 weeks 18 hours
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I Can't Believe It alternative, subtitiles, Video Steven Davies 4 2 weeks 19 hours
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link Idiot indie, love, harmonies michaelwhitemusic 9 2 weeks 19 hours
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link Binaural Beats - Delta Binaural beat, Ambient, Instrumental siebass 24 2 weeks 21 hours
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link Brooklyn Barrelhouse Blues blues, Looking-for-the-Blues, lookingfortheblues Donatedcorinne54 7 2 weeks 23 hours
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Pay & Play Poetry, lyrics only, BDSM LadyRed 3 2 weeks 23 hours
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Demo Can't I Be Nine? Summer Childhood-Memories Ukulele FUC DonatedScubed cindyrella 5 2 weeks 1 day