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Edward Roussac's picture
link Untitled improv in C piano, instrumental, blues Edward Roussac 1 2 days 11 hours
Gwyn Jones's picture
link Simplicity collaboration, Son cubano, Simplicity DonatedGwyn Jones Michael Lockley... 6 2 days 12 hours
Powerstars's picture

Your Basement pop-punk, emo, Rock Powerstars 4 2 days 14 hours
the pannacotta army's picture
link Behind The Mask pop, mellow, chill the pannacotta army cindyrella 7 2 days 15 hours
marthienel's picture
video It’s time for us marthienel zong 2 days 15 hours
Robyn Mackenzie's picture
Demo My Goddess alt-rock, skirmish, cheatypants skirmish DonatedRobyn Mackenzie 11 2 days 15 hours
Chandra83's picture
Dead Soul Poetry, non-rhyming, depression winnerChandra83 1 2 days 17 hours
pipewrench67's picture
link AmaFela Log Drum, Tremolo Signal, Afro pop pipewrench67 3 2 days 17 hours
carleybaer's picture
Demo Imposter Syndrome Lullaby girl with ukulele, alternate tuning, meta Donatedcarleybaer 6 2 days 19 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo The Knot acoustic one take Donatedwinnermetalfoot 5 2 days 19 hours
kahlo2013's picture
Dream Without You Sundayskirmish, skirmish, dreams winnerkahlo2013 7 2 days 20 hours
cts's picture
Demo THE BEGINNING AGAIN Piano Ballad, improv vocals Donatedcts nancyrost 7 2 days 20 hours
AndyGetch's picture
Demo On This Mountain Road electric guitar, bass, collaboration DonatedAndyGetch see-man-ski 4 2 days 21 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo I Dreamed I Was Dead Sundayskirmish, dream, Folk DonatedChip Withrow 8 2 days 22 hours
mike skliar's picture
Dream (skirmish) skirmish, dream, s080220 Donatedmike skliar 11 2 days 23 hours
musicsongwriter's picture
link 'I'll Always Sing For You' acoustic piano, open to collabs. musicsongwriter 3 2 days 23 hours
musicsongwriter's picture
link Some Dreams Do Come True s080220, skirmishsongs, kirmishfeast musicsongwriter 6 3 days 46 min
JWHanberry's picture
Demo Accidental Dreamer s080220a, instrumental DonatedJWHanberry 10 3 days 1 hour
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
link Marc Vindevogel weird, Belgium, The Twelve Technicolor Gra... 4 3 days 1 hour
Graceville's picture
link 0650902020 Instrumental Graceville 2 3 days 1 hour
Zeekle's picture
link Goddess of the anonymous s080220, skirmish, songskirmish DonatedZeekle 8 3 days 1 hour
pokerowan's picture
link Searing Blue Acoustic, Folk, Nature Donatedpokerowan 2 3 days 1 hour
Scubed's picture
Demo The Dream s080220, skirmish, songskirmish DonatedScubed 10 3 days 2 hours
musicsongwriter's picture
link Some Dreams Never Come True... s080220, skirmish, songskirmish musicsongwriter 8 3 days 2 hours
pokerowan's picture
link Do You Know You're Dreaming? s080220, skirmish, songskirmish Donatedpokerowan 9 3 days 2 hours
crisp1's picture
Hurting needs-music needs-collaboration political rock Donatedcrisp1 2 3 days 2 hours
corinne54's picture
My Last Friend s080220, skirmish, songskirmish Donatedcorinne54 10 3 days 2 hours
cindyrella's picture
Another Reality s080220, skirmish, songskirmish Donatedwinnercindyrella 11 3 days 2 hours
Fuzzy's picture
Demo It's Called Record Collecting, Not Record... ukulele, lo-fi-delusion, well-ok-maybe-a-bit-of-hoarding DonatedFuzzy 14 3 days 2 hours
Kurtis Kanttila's picture
link Full Burner Rock 'n Roll, guitar solo DonatedKurtis Kanttila 8 3 days 4 hours
atitlan's picture
link The House of Lies atitlan 4 3 days 4 hours
Joanne Gabriel's picture
video Forward Neoclassical-Chill, electronic, downtempo Joanne Gabriel 4 3 days 5 hours
wacha's picture
Demo For Your Voice Morph, FILK, horrormovietitle Donatedwacha 5 3 days 5 hours
Kristi's picture
Hello How Are You lyrics only, Needs music DonatedKristi 2 3 days 5 hours
G3 Darnell's picture
Demo No Bongos at the Freak Show G3 Darnell Freaks Of Nosmo 9... 3 3 days 6 hours
Freaks Of Nosmo 9's picture
Demo Still Life In A Graveyard Freaks Of Nosmo 9 5 3 days 7 hours
corinne54's picture
Fire in the Sky - Week 4 Challenge Week #4 Fire, fire Donatedcorinne54 2 3 days 8 hours
corinne54's picture
link Automaton Transfusion - Horror Movie Challenge horrormovietitle Donatedcorinne54 2 3 days 8 hours
Graceville's picture
video 0550902020 I'm not writing a song Graceville 1 3 days 8 hours
cindyrella's picture
Still Feel You love, loss, death Donatedwinnercindyrella 3 3 days 8 hours
Edward Roussac's picture
video My Mind is Like a Bowl of Alphabet Soup guy with piano, phone recording, pop Edward Roussac Sunfire 2 3 days 9 hours
Donna Devine's picture
I'll Make of Loneliness a Picnic pop-ballad, singer-songwriter, revision DonatedDonna Devine 5 3 days 11 hours
AlyssaPascal's picture
link Rain Again indie rock, indie pop, psychedelic AlyssaPascal 2 3 days 12 hours
Donna Devine's picture
Mystery Caller uptempo, pop-rock, who-knows DonatedDonna Devine 2 3 days 13 hours
nancyrost's picture
link Blackberry Ramble Folk Donatednancyrost 6 3 days 16 hours
nancyrost's picture
link Unicorn Over The Ocean co-write with kids Donatednancyrost 1 3 days 16 hours
Chandra83's picture
Any Piece Poetry, non-rhyming, depression winnerChandra83 1 3 days 17 hours
Chandra83's picture
Lash Out Poetry, non-rhyming, fantasy winnerChandra83 1 3 days 18 hours
coolparadiso's picture
link Get u Anythang incredibox Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 6 3 days 19 hours
metalfoot's picture
The Call partial capo, acoustic one take Donatedwinnermetalfoot 6 3 days 20 hours