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Fuzzy's picture
Demo Laurie Anderson Taught Me How To Cut My Own Hair weirdo, Laurie-Anderson, the-perfect-haircut DonatedFuzzy marvsmooth 12 1 week 6 days
Amanda West's picture
Chemistry chemistry, rock, FKOD DonatedAmanda West Steven... 3 1 week 6 days
marvsmooth's picture
link Gift collab, philosophy, Folk Donatedmarvsmooth cindyrella 8 1 week 6 days
Vom Vorton's picture
Demo Everyday Recording experimental, tape delay, Instrumental DonatedVom Vorton 4 1 week 6 days
Mosley's picture
link Mining The Sands of Time Psychedelic, fantasy, mirage Mosley 4 1 week 6 days
Peter Arvidson's picture
link The Escape improv, acoustic, echo DonatedPeter Arvidson 3 1 week 6 days
benjo's picture
BETWEEN THE LINES #lyricsonly #needsmusic #collabrequired benjo 1 1 week 6 days
Valerie Cox's picture
Demo Revolution guitar, rock, folkish DonatedValerie Cox 4 1 week 6 days
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Look At That Owl a cappella, animal, birds DonatedChip Withrow 4 1 week 6 days
marthienel's picture
video Chance of Rescue winnermarthienel cindyrella 2 1 week 6 days
sph's picture
Demo The secret life of SD cards Instrumental, guitar Donatedsph 5 1 week 6 days
Kurtis Kanttila's picture
link Our World Inside The World rock, alternative, alt tuning Kurtis Kanttila 6 1 week 6 days
standup's picture
Demo Didn't Even Know fourtracktape, fourtrack, fawmtronica Donatedstandup marvsmooth, Elesimo, nancyrost, 4-... 13 1 week 6 days
Vom Vorton's picture
Demo Juice random collab, country-pop DonatedVom Vorton tsunamidaily 7 1 week 6 days
headfirstonly's picture
Amuse Bouche rock, 170 bpm, Instrumental Donatedheadfirstonly 4 1 week 6 days
crisp1's picture
The Morning After needs collaboration Donatedcrisp1 3 1 week 6 days
DeannaSweidel's picture
Enough needs music, collab desired, enough DonatedDeannaSweidel 6 1 week 6 days
srcoops's picture
What Will It Take srcoops 2 1 week 6 days
3tdoan's picture
video Rescue you s030819a, skirmish, Rescue Donated3tdoan 11 1 week 6 days
marthienel's picture
video Intiem Hooglied Bokkie winnermarthienel 1 1 week 6 days
Edward Roussac's picture
video One Minute Track #12 rock and roll, blues, keyboard Edward Roussac 1 1 week 6 days
MarkG's picture
link I Ain't Got You Babe rip off, demo, relationship over DonatedMarkG 3 1 week 6 days
Adnama17's picture
In This Moment lyrics only, Poetry, loneliness DonatedAdnama17 2 1 week 6 days
Adnama17's picture
No Waving Required lyrics only, Poetry, travel DonatedAdnama17 3 1 week 6 days
phlex's picture
Demo Microphone Test 190804 slacker, drums phlex 1 1 week 6 days
g2slade's picture
Cinnamon Buns! Pop, rap, Food g2slade 7 1 week 6 days
metalfoot's picture
Demo Away From Me collab, sadness, breakup Donatedwinnermetalfoot Chandra83 4 1 week 6 days
metalfoot's picture
Demo Simple Pleasures of What's Mine (Basic... exquisite corpse, lo-fi, collab to the max Donatedwinnermetalfoot kahlo2013, nateger, Valerie Cox, ballyhoot 9 1 week 6 days
gregjwere's picture
The Meditant gregjwere 2 2 weeks 1 min
Elesimo's picture
Demo 1926 op-z, guitar, Instrumental DonatedElesimo 1 2 weeks 1 hour
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo You Come To My Rescue skirmish, ukulele, Rescue DonatedChip Withrow 8 2 weeks 1 hour
splittybooms's picture
Demo I Need You electronic Donatedsplittybooms 5 2 weeks 2 hours
lowhum's picture
Demo RIDING A CROCODILE skirmish, acoustic-one-take, allegorical lowhum 7 2 weeks 2 hours
benjo's picture
THORN IN MY LIFE #lyricsonly #needsmusic #collabrequired benjo 4 2 weeks 3 hours
Valerie Cox's picture
Demo You're Not Here guitar, acoustic DonatedValerie Cox 6 2 weeks 3 hours
cts's picture
Demo SMOKIN' Bluesy Rock Donatedcts 13 2 weeks 3 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo We Were Giants partial capo, FB skirmish Donatedwinnermetalfoot 7 2 weeks 4 hours
Kate Y's picture
Hearts And Roses Kate Y 1 2 weeks 5 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo Giants collab, FB Songskirmish Donatedwinnermetalfoot DeannaSweidel 7 2 weeks 5 hours
Kate Y's picture
Finally Free Kate Y 1 2 weeks 5 hours
corinne54's picture
link Assyrian Surf surf, surf guitar, Instrumental corinne54 5 2 weeks 5 hours
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
video Music for Disembodied Heads semi-weird Technicolor Gra... 7 2 weeks 5 hours
coolparadiso's picture
Rescue me Skirmish s030819a Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 10 2 weeks 5 hours
orinoco's picture
Demo Nobody cares as much about your life as you do orinoco 3 2 weeks 5 hours
JWHanberry's picture
Demo Our Own Dragons skirmish, s030819 DonatedJWHanberry 9 2 weeks 5 hours
jcollins's picture
Demo Breakfast With My Siblings #Acoustic Rock, psych guitar Donatedjcollins 3 2 weeks 5 hours
splittybooms's picture
Demo Rescue s030819a, skirmish, songskirmish Donatedsplittybooms 7 2 weeks 6 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Carillon Waltz, Folk, Nostalgia Donatedkatpiercemusic 5 2 weeks 6 hours
Trendall's picture
Recommending Mice For Beginners acoustic, singer-songwriter, chords Trendall 5 2 weeks 6 hours
cindyrella's picture
Chance of Rescue #s030819a, Rescue, suicide winnercindyrella 11 2 weeks 6 hours