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lowhum's picture
WHEN WE JUST DANCE Waltz, acoustic-one-take, mandolin lowhum 2 1 day 12 hours
Kate Y's picture
Forever with You Kate Y 2 1 day 14 hours
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Demo Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? pop girl with a guitar DonatedSusan Cantey 6 1 day 14 hours
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link NYTs Says Countless People Kicked Off Facebook... Wackamoose 5 1 day 16 hours
billwhite51's picture
link Planet of Pride neo-folk, guy with guitar winnerbillwhite51 3 1 day 16 hours
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Noise rock winnercindyrella 2 1 day 16 hours
3tdoan's picture
video Once upon a dance Waltz, baritone ukulele Donated3tdoan 4 1 day 17 hours
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link Tears of Dead People After life Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 5 1 day 17 hours
corinne54's picture
link Warm Sun Cool Breeze uke, ukulele corinne54 4 1 day 18 hours
Edward Roussac's picture
video One-Minute Track #19 Garageband, bass, drums Edward Roussac 2 1 day 19 hours
gregjwere's picture
link The Gardener's Eye gregjwere 5 1 day 21 hours
Pam Grisham's picture
link Enough for Me acoustic folk county Pam Grisham 4 1 day 21 hours
Victoria Quinn's picture
link Trading Souls 8 bit, 909, hypnotic Victoria Quinn 5 1 day 22 hours
benjo's picture
SWEAR IT ON YOUR LIFE #lyricsonly #needsmusic #collabrequired benjo 2 1 day 22 hours
Rockwrites75's picture
It Hit Him Like A Ton Of Bricks! Rockwrites75 1 2 days 1 hour
Chandra83's picture
Reborn Poetry, blood, vampires DonatedChandra83 2 2 days 2 hours
Valerie Cox's picture
Demo Absentee house, electronic, Dance DonatedValerie Cox 7 2 days 2 hours
Rockwrites75's picture
He's Got A Burn On His Hand! Rockwrites75 1 2 days 3 hours
fresh spotless youth's picture
Demo You Can Be Happy, Too (No More Poems) Post Non-Jazz Donatedfresh spotless youth Klaus 7 2 days 4 hours
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Demo Just Fine Donatedsplittybooms 5 2 days 4 hours
LadyRed's picture

Bite & Scratch Poetry, love, Rough-sex LadyRed 3 2 days 5 hours
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
Good Luck to You All garage rock Technicolor Gra... 5 2 days 6 hours
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Last Herd Of The Fall cowboy, western DonatedwinnerKingwood Kowboy 1 2 days 6 hours
Kristi's picture
Closer to the Edge needs music, lyrics only DonatedKristi 4 2 days 6 hours
rwc's picture
link Trouble indie, synthpop rwc 3 2 days 6 hours
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Demo New Mexico (With Marion Doerflinger) Donatedtcelliott 4 2 days 7 hours
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link Funkadelicious funk, delicious, mild prog the toop 8 2 days 7 hours
helen's picture
Demo Balearic Sunset EDM, house Donatedhelen 3 2 days 7 hours
cindyrella's picture
Back Inside a Memory Country/blues winnercindyrella 4 2 days 8 hours
Pam Grisham's picture
link Hand-Me-Down Love acoustic guitar folk country Pam Grisham cindyrella 3 2 days 9 hours
ballyhoot's picture
Demo What is Mine rock, Pop ballyhoot 3 2 days 9 hours
billwhite51's picture
link Highway 50-90 50/90, Tribute, cheery road trip winnerbillwhite51 9 2 days 9 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Why torch song, trumpet Donatedkatpiercemusic 4 2 days 10 hours
lowhum's picture
Demo Feed the Back mandolin, Instrumental, experimental lowhum 4 2 days 11 hours
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Demo Beer Can II process, Instrumental, beer can lowhum 1 2 days 11 hours
lowhum's picture
Demo Beer Can I process, Instrumental, beer can lowhum 1 2 days 11 hours
sbs2018's picture
link In All Things, Pray EDM Trap HipHop Rap Electronic sbs2018 6 2 days 11 hours
ustaknow's picture
Before You Get Stoned Acoustic lyric-only undefined 5-min-write ustaknow 4 2 days 12 hours
cindyrella's picture
Don't Let Our Fire Die bad relationship rock winnercindyrella 3 2 days 14 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo I Love My Baby a Lot (Not Just a Little) love song, acoustic DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 7 2 days 15 hours
Susan Cantey's picture
Demo You Can Fly pop uplifting DonatedSusan Cantey 7 2 days 15 hours
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Terminology social comment, Protest, Prog Donatedheadfirstonly 5 2 days 16 hours
pokerowan's picture
link With Me Waitin' acoustic, harmonies Donatedpokerowan 6 2 days 17 hours
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link I’ve Been Wasting All My Money indie, lo-fi, indie rock alexpascal 3 2 days 22 hours
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Demo Habentis Maleficia Metal, Instrumental, needs-collab Kraftec 4 3 days 50 min
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Demo Tired of Sick acoustic, one-take Donatedthisisbeckyw 4 3 days 1 hour
JamKar's picture
Demo Believe Me DonatedJamKar Kristi 7 3 days 3 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Petey McGraw Folk, pirate song, silly Donatedkatpiercemusic 5 3 days 3 hours
gregjwere's picture
link Just like Suzi Red hair, CACFCE, fun gregjwere 2 3 days 3 hours
Joanne Gabriel's picture
video Ad Vitam Æternam Neoclassical-Shoegaze Joanne Gabriel 4 3 days 4 hours