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aneilm's picture
Your Poem Poem Workmanship aneilm 2 4 days 17 hours
LisaMarie777's picture
You're Not Bob Dylan girl with guitar, snarky, Punk LisaMarie777 5 3 days 7 hours
Amanda Rose Riley's picture
You're Not an Island children's song, Acoustic, acoustic one take Amanda Rose Riley 3 2 days 23 hours
wacha's picture
Demo You Haven't Seen Anything Yet ss071120g, superskirmish, skirmish Donatedwacha 9 10 hours 32 min
dannyk1's picture
You Don't Want to be Alone Rock, Pop rock dannyk1 2 4 days 4 hours
dannyk1's picture
You Can't Say I Didn't Try Probably more country/Americana. dannyk1 3 1 week 4 hours
littlespiral's picture
Demo You Can Move On littlespiral 4 2 days 8 hours
mike skliar's picture
Demo You and me and the truth ss071120k, skirmish, superskirmish Donatedmike skliar zong 22 min 1 sec
Edward 9th Street's picture
You Always Wanted To Fly Acoustic Coffee House Edward 9th Street 4 4 days 8 hours
splittybooms's picture
Demo Yea Yea old school r&b, funk/, clinton Donatedsplittybooms 8 2 days 23 hours
dzd's picture
link Wrong End of the Wrong Conversation dzd 9 4 days 19 hours
Chandra83's picture
Worth It Poetry, lyrics-only, fantasy Chandra83 2 4 days 22 hours
Stephen Wordsmith's picture
Word Weaver needs-music Stephen Wordsmith 6 1 week 14 hours
Kate Y's picture
Wooden Hearts Kate Y 1 3 days 3 hours
DeannaSweidel's picture
Demo Wooden Bench (UPDATED 7/8/20) 5in 5 challenge, s070520, collaboration desired DonatedDeannaSweidel AndyGetch 10 5 days 12 hours
IA's picture
Demo Wolfie orchestral, instrumental DonatedIA 10 2 days 9 hours
splittybooms's picture
Demo Within Sight synthwave, electronic Donatedsplittybooms 7 6 days 2 hours
Kate Y's picture
Wishing On A Rainbow Kate Y 2 5 days 10 hours
tcelliott's picture
Demo Wish You Well singersongwriter, Acoustic, breakup Donatedtcelliott 14 1 week 56 min
tjeff's picture
link Wish We Could Get Away ss071020a, superskirmish, skirmish Donatedtjeff 10 1 day 3 hours
Frances Smith's picture
link Winter Storm acoustic guitar, Folk Singer-Songwriter Frances Smith 6 3 days 8 hours
phylo's picture
Demo Wings2Fly ethereal, loops, electric guitar Donatedphylo 5 3 days 5 hours
Jibbidy34's picture
link Will We See Those Days Again irish folk, irish jig Jibbidy34 metalfoot, Gwyn Jones 8 2 days 7 hours
Edward Roussac's picture
Who Cares What They Think? (Fuck Allmusic) experimental, drums, spoken word Edward Roussac 2 3 days 13 hours
Pearlmanhattan's picture
Demo Who Am I? week1 ballad singersongwriter DonatedPearlmanhattan 8 3 days 7 hours
DeannaSweidel's picture
Whiskey Martyr horrormovietitle, collaboration desired, lyrics DonatedDeannaSweidel 2 12 hours 24 min
DeannaSweidel's picture
While I Cried needs-music needs-collaboration, lyrics, angst-ridden DonatedDeannaSweidel 5 6 days 10 hours
Tim Fatchen's picture
link While I Cried lounge, betrayal, angst-ridden DonatedTim Fatchen DeannaSweidel 13 4 days 10 hours
kahlo2013's picture
Where My Road Always Ends (Lake Superior beach) Sundayskirmish, skirmish, beach kahlo2013 10 6 days 4 hours
IAmHiccup's picture
link Where Did You Go? metal, improv vocals, vent IAmHiccup 3 19 hours 5 min
crisp1's picture
When You're a Bad Seed rock needs-music needs-collaboration crisp1 7 3 days 13 hours
adamh's picture
link When The World Resumes adamh 4 4 days 2 hours
AndyGetch's picture
Demo When The Truth Is Used acoustic guitar, acoustic one take, ss071120k superskirmish DonatedAndyGetch 5 2 hours 18 min
Chandra83's picture
When it Started Poetry, lyircs-only, fantasy Chandra83 3 6 days 4 hours
metalfoot's picture
When it Started fantasy, horror, plague Donatedmetalfoot Chandra83 9 4 days 7 hours
musicsongwriter's picture
link When I'm Far Away ss071020a, superskirmish, skirmish musicsongwriter 10 1 day 3 hours
cindyrella's picture

What's Behind the Mask? pandemic, hopefulness cindyrella 5 4 days 10 hours
Donna Devine's picture
What Were You Thinking superskirmish B, Warrior, prog-rock? DonatedDonna Devine 3 18 hours 18 min
DeannaSweidel's picture
What We Are Needs music, collaboration desired DonatedDeannaSweidel 4 6 days 7 hours
bigstarlet's picture
link What Did I Just Hear Him Say? (Initial runthrough) piano, piano demo, song under 60 bigstarlet 3 6 days 5 hours
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Went Down to the Mill Creek 12 bar, blues, Acoustic DonatedChip Withrow 5 7 hours 47 min
thelowestbitter's picture
link Webinar autotune, pop, electronic thelowestbitter 13 1 week 12 hours
johnstaples's picture

Wear The F#cking Mask You F#cking Baby Rock, WearTheMask, #WearTheMask Donatedjohnstaples 22 4 days 19 hours
Scubed's picture
Demo Wear a mask Part III Morph Morph1 DonatedScubed JamKar, AndyGetch 4 1 day 7 hours
JamKar's picture
Demo Wear A Mask (reprise) Morph DonatedJamKar AndyGetch 11 4 days 13 hours
katpiercemusic's picture
Demo Wear a Mask mask, ukulele, short Donatedkatpiercemusic 4 1 day 3 hours
AndyGetch's picture
Demo Wear a Mask skirmish, songskirmish, mask DonatedAndyGetch 16 6 days 4 hours
Tim Fatchen's picture
link We Were Careful [FT] comedy, music hall, education DonatedTim Fatchen otagoseaburial 4 16 hours 2 min
otagoseaburial's picture
We Were Careful otagoseaburial 2 1 day 16 hours
matthijs's picture
We keep making shackles but forget about the keys lyric-only needs music vocals, collab matthijs 1 3 days 13 hours