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Edward Roussac's picture
video State of Tranquility psychedelic rock, space, mellow Edward Roussac zong 1 min 32 sec
Wolf Kier's picture
link A Town Called Carnage Wolf Kier zong 18 min 17 sec
coolparadiso's picture
link You You You light angst Donatedwinnercoolparadiso greengrassgirl 1 1 hour 25 min
Purple Catfish Bro's picture
Demo You Can Rock cyberrock, You Can Rock winnerPurple Catfish Bro zong 4 hours 7 min
Purple Catfish Bro's picture
Demo Ghost Like Shadows cyberrock winnerPurple Catfish Bro 1 4 hours 10 min
gregwere's picture
link Inside Goodbye alt folk Tuning DGDBGD gregwere 2 6 hours 8 min
djtjb's picture
link ex zombie einstien babe electronic, fawmtronica, spooky Donateddjtjb 2 7 hours 12 min
dzd's picture
Thar She Goes Donatedwinnerdzd 2 9 hours 9 min
splittybooms's picture
Keep On Dancin' electronic, dance Donatedwinnersplittybooms 4 10 hours 1 min
improvyssey's picture
video A Leaf on the River improv, harp, instrumental Donatedwinnerimprovyssey zong 10 hours 3 min
djtjb's picture
link comradeship post punk Donateddjtjb Nahlej381 zong 10 hours 20 min
metalfoot's picture
Demo A 20 Second Riff instrumental Donatedwinnermetalfoot 6 12 hours 9 min
greengrassgirl's picture
Dancin’ Shoes needs music, needs vocals Donatedgreengrassgirl 4 13 hours 6 min
LyricSlinger's picture
We Can Rock! Glam rock, Hair rock, Covid escapism DonatedwinnerLyricSlinger 1 14 hours 2 min
Sunfire's picture
Stronger in the Battle Lyrics-only Morph3 Metal winnerSunfire AndreaB, cindyrella 4 14 hours 7 min
Gm7's picture
link Red Wine and Chill Time DonatedGm7 3 14 hours 12 min
cindyrella's picture
We Are Stronger Lyrics-only Morph3 Metal winnercindyrella AndreaB 1 15 hours 32 min
musicsongwriter's picture
link Autumn Blues Autumn, bluesy, jazzy winnermusicsongwriter 3 15 hours 35 min
The Farmyard Orchestra's picture
link Fifth Layer of the Onion The Farmyard Or... 2 16 hours 14 min
Panch's picture
link Hello Again Mr Blues singer-songwriter, blues DonatedPanch 4 17 hours 2 min
Kurtis Kanttila's picture
link Rock 'n Pulled Pork Band Rock-n-Roll, instrumental DonatedKurtis Kanttila 5 17 hours 49 min
srcoops's picture
Falling srcoops 3 18 hours 42 sec
cindyrella's picture
Distraction Blues blues, a little humor winnercindyrella 4 18 hours 7 min
ustaknow's picture
link John Wayne Moment [ ~music added, lyric only~ ] undefined, over-driven-electric winnerustaknow 2 18 hours 21 min
headfirstonly's picture
Demo Nadine's Feeble Grasp of Infosec instrumental, blues jam, weirdness Donatedwinnerheadfirstonly 4 19 hours 5 min
Roddy's picture
Demo 3 Ukuleles in Spain ukulele, FUC, instrumental DonatedwinnerRoddy 2 19 hours 14 min
lowhum's picture
Demo Paramour acoustic guitar, improv, instrumental lowhum 2 19 hours 23 min
Hypnotist's picture
link I Could Write It Down In Blue Am I Hall & Oating again?, retro pop, break-up DonatedHypnotist McTown 5 19 hours 24 min
greengrassgirl's picture
Do You Feel It needs music, needs vocals Donatedgreengrassgirl 5 19 hours 42 min
phylo's picture
Clouds #lyricsonly Donatedphylo zong 20 hours 33 min
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Candy Store Blues 12 bar blues, acoustic one-take DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 5 21 hours 55 min
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Om Shanti mantra, peace, electric piano DonatedwinnerChip Withrow 4 22 hours 17 min
Wolf Kier's picture
link Get Well Soon Wolf Kier 12 1 day 21 min
Edward Roussac's picture
video Holding On collab, phone demo, Lost love Edward Roussac kahlo 2 1 day 38 min
Sunfire's picture
When The World Has Gone Blind winnerSunfire 5 1 day 52 min
coolparadiso's picture
link A World of her Own songwriter Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 4 1 day 1 hour
geoff61's picture
Counterfeit Pantomime Pop lyric winnergeoff61 zong 1 day 3 hours
Steven Davies's picture
link hmmm DonatedSteven Davies Glyne3 2 1 day 4 hours
dzd's picture
Thar She Blows Donatedwinnerdzd 7 1 day 5 hours
rosesoncacti's picture
link You are Free to Go (but please don't leave) rosesoncacti 2 1 day 5 hours
Guitar Kim's picture
video Swamp Life rock Guitar Kim 4 1 day 6 hours
djtjb's picture
link pennies in a trashcan post punk Donateddjtjb Nahlej381 4 1 day 7 hours
Spazsquatch's picture
A Song for the Weather Spazsquatch Nahlej381, djtjb 1 1 day 8 hours
elesimo's picture
Demo Gone and back again op-z, instrumental, electronic elesimo 1 1 day 8 hours
elesimo's picture
Demo Blastoff! op-z, instrumental, electronic elesimo 1 1 day 8 hours
elesimo's picture
Demo Tom's farewell op-z, instrumental, electronic elesimo 1 1 day 8 hours
kahlo's picture
dreams and truths skirmish, collab-desired winnerkahlo 5 1 day 9 hours
improvyssey's picture
video Lucky Number improv, kalimba, instrumental Donatedwinnerimprovyssey 1 1 day 10 hours
metalfoot's picture
Demo Rhenium periodictable Donatedwinnermetalfoot 3 1 day 10 hours
allaboutgeorge's picture
link Wednesday's Child Donatedwinnerallaboutgeorge 1 1 day 11 hours