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link Hero’s Nation's Gain Scottish, traditional, Public Domain ustaknow zong 24 sec
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link Three voice, piano, contemporary ZsuzsaDoe zong 8 min 28 sec
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She's So Love Sick girl with guitar, punk rock, Country LisaMarie777 zong 45 min 53 sec
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link You Should Never Be Anyone's Secret rockabilly, Jive, swing DonatedGwyn Jones 2 1 hour 24 min
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Cling dark, history, Folk Donatedwinnercindyrella 1 1 hour 26 min
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link Hear Me (Ordinary Time) lo-fi underground swing punk, pop-folk, week 5 Donatedfresh spotless youth life without... 1 1 hour 50 min
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Demo Is it Finished folk-rock, BIAB, week5 ductapeguy MarkG zong 2 hours 9 min
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link What Am I Now? fire colgoo zong 2 hours 27 min
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Back To Before lyrics, needs collab, rough draft DonatedDeannaSweidel 2 2 hours 28 min
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link Marching the Milk / The Three Drummers Folk, traditional, 1956 DonatedTim Fatchen zong 3 hours 12 min
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link Dirt Poor Country, bluegrass, short billwhite51 cindyrella 5 3 hours 32 min
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link Captain Fantastic sci fi humour gigs Donatedwinnercoolparadiso 2 3 hours 37 min
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The Poets Cry Cobalt Cobwebs 1 7 hours 12 min
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video I Think I'm Better at Music than Lyrics electronic, Rock, piano Edward Roussac 1 8 hours 14 min
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Will it always be like this? sad, ballad tunecat 1 8 hours 33 min
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Masks mask, WearTheMask tunecat zong 8 hours 53 min
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Mythical Beasts tunecat 1 9 hours 41 min
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Lyrics On The Dome [freestyle free form rap... freestyle, rap, free form nerdjealous zong 9 hours 58 min
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Pain Of The Amateur [freestyle rap lyrics] freestyle, free form, rap nerdjealous zong 10 hours 3 min
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Too Old For Tha Game [freestyle rap lyrics] lyrics, freestyle, chill nerdjealous zong 10 hours 14 min
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Words of a 5am drop-out [written free form rap... nerdjealous zong 11 hours 9 min
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video Gebed vir Libanon(Prayer for Libanon) winnermarthienel 2 11 hours 11 min
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link Bourbon Street Bourbon Street, mrblitz, cyberrock Purple Catfish Bro 2 12 hours 40 min
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link Hey Simp Hey Simp, mrblitz, cyberrock Purple Catfish Bro 1 12 hours 42 min
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link Typhoon Typhoon, mrblitz, cyberrock Purple Catfish Bro zong 12 hours 52 min
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Demo Rainscape soundscape rain xylophone instrumental DonatedAdnama17 AndyGetch 3 12 hours 56 min
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Demo Every Living One bassfirst instrumental DonatedJamKar 2 13 hours 15 min
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Follow Me Poetry, non-rhyming, fantasy winnerChandra83 1 13 hours 27 min
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link Beirut March instrumental TomS 1 13 hours 29 min
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Sing About Jesus Blues gospel blues MisterGee 1 13 hours 46 min
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3:40 In the Morning Blues slow spoken blues MisterGee 1 13 hours 48 min
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Rich Man's Automobile Blues sort of a spoken Delta Blues MisterGee 1 13 hours 53 min
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Deepak Chopra RIP POP SMOKE DracoWolf94 DracoWolf94 1 14 hours 26 min
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Demo Takes One to Know One (Hello) Rock Donatedstandup 4 14 hours 44 min
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Wild Cedars boreal forest, Northwoods, Great Lakes winnerkahlo2013 2 14 hours 55 min
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Yes, I Do Have An Uncle Named Robert NSFW, weird, sexy Candle 2 15 hours 19 min
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Demo Chicken Whisperer instrumental, full production, and the kitchen sink Donatedheadfirstonly 5 16 hours 6 min
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Demo untitled 1 Kraftec 1 16 hours 46 min
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Watch Them Fall Away (Tiddley Tay) (Written Free-... nerdjealous zong 17 hours 9 min
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Equinox 16 Space, dreams, astronauts DonatedZeekle 3 17 hours 20 min
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link Table noise, percussion, train geronimodeleon 2 17 hours 21 min
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I'm Going To See My Beloved 12 string, collab Donatedwinnermetalfoot AndyGetch 5 17 hours 44 min
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God Be With You, My Vice-No-Longer diss track (ish), lyrics nerdjealous 1 17 hours 50 min
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link The Hippo's Joke acoustica Technicolor Gra... 3 18 hours 39 min
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link Bored of Me adamh 1 19 hours 9 min
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link Left Paradise Behind adamh 1 19 hours 15 min
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link Wild Side adamh 1 19 hours 18 min
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link I Promise It Won't Be A Waste Of Your Time Country, sexy billwhite51 cindyrella 4 20 hours 24 min
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link Race To The End Credits Two-Chords, Goof-Rock DonatedKurtis Kanttila 4 20 hours 42 min
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Demo Unburden Myself rockabilly, harmonica, Acoustic DonatedChip Withrow 3 20 hours 55 min