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iveg's picture
White Chocolate Kisses Rude, snack food iveg zong 28 min 34 sec
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
video Vows of the Church of the Surrealadelic Mind really weird DonatedTechnicolor Gra... zong 46 min 39 sec
Arkka's picture
Demo Deep Escape Metal, doom(ish) DonatedArkka zong 49 min 10 sec
billwhite51's picture
link Crushed in Ice fear of love, boy with guitar and movie camera winnerbillwhite51 zong 1 hour 20 min
Edward's Music lol's picture
video The Lab Pop, rock, indie Edward's Music lol zong 1 hour 38 min
cindyrella's picture

Love Aways Wins Dream, love, hate winnercindyrella zong 1 hour 46 min
Tim Fatchen's picture
video Heartchords (Night Thoughts #4) Piano, Instrumental, classical Tim Fatchen zong 2 hours 1 min
iveg's picture
Never Mind iveg 1 2 hours 29 min
davewermers's picture
Demo You Won't See Her Smile Donateddavewermers zong 3 hours 24 min
crisp1's picture
link Lonely Dogs acoustic crisp1 Acousticmaddie 1 3 hours 34 min
davewermers's picture
Demo Keep Moving Donateddavewermers zong 3 hours 44 min
kahlo2013's picture
I Can Only Love love, longing, needs music and vocals winnerkahlo2013 4 4 hours 8 min
beeimboo's picture
link Scaryfunk!!! weird pop, weird jazz, Piano beeimboo 2 4 hours 11 min
Corinne Lucy's picture
The Morning In Question Corinne Lucy 1 5 hours 32 min
Corinne Lucy's picture
November in July Corinne Lucy zong 5 hours 40 min
Corinne Lucy's picture
Aeroplane Song Corinne Lucy 1 5 hours 50 min
JoanneCooper's picture
link Feels Like Train Instrumental, saxophone, clarinet JoanneCooper 2 5 hours 51 min
lowhum's picture
link WATERMELON GUIDE indie, hookish, Week6 lowhum 1 6 hours 56 min
sph's picture
link Bottom of the sea sph 3 7 hours 23 min
tamsnumber4's picture
link Beauty Falls girl with guitar, beauty, upbeat for me tamsnumber4 2 9 hours 4 min
mike skliar's picture
Demo Call him the orange disaster political Donatedmike skliar 2 11 hours 11 min
rorowe's picture
link Pretzel ukulele, vocals, singer-songwriter rorowe 1 11 hours 31 min
standup's picture
Demo Save Ourselves rock, shoegaze, feedback Donatedstandup 1 11 hours 36 min
rorowe's picture
link Good Ol Days ukulele, vocals, blues rorowe 1 11 hours 44 min
Riverbear14's picture
In a moment Riverbear14 1 12 hours 7 min
Vegansongs's picture
Denial DonatedVegansongs 1 12 hours 9 min
Vegansongs's picture
I Imagined Us DonatedVegansongs 1 12 hours 16 min
LadyRed's picture
Yes, Please Poetry, lyrics-only, Rough-sex winnerLadyRed 1 12 hours 28 min
edsmaron's picture
Demo Week7b Instrumental, Dance, synth Donatedwinneredsmaron zong 13 hours 7 min
edsmaron's picture
Demo Week7a Instrumental, Ambient, beats Donatedwinneredsmaron zong 13 hours 12 min
musicsongwriter's picture
link Lullaby (Sleep, little baby, sleep, love, sleep!) public-domain-poetry, vocal guide, lullaby musicsongwriter 1 13 hours 31 min
philmcmill's picture
Demo Stay For Tea rock philmcmill 2 14 hours 12 min
cindyrella's picture
We Can't Let This Hate Bloom Protest winnercindyrella 2 15 hours 13 min
mike skliar's picture
Demo How hard is it to say Nazis are bad? political Donatedmike skliar 2 15 hours 36 min
reklov's picture
link Eleonora spooky, acapella, lullaby-like reklov 1 15 hours 50 min
Jerry Pettit's picture
video My Old Town DonatedJerry Pettit 3 16 hours 33 min
Acousticmaddie's picture
link The devil just froze instrumental Instrumental, MIDI; reaper daw, strings DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 2 16 hours 41 min
nutation's picture
link New Sound Tribe acoustic one-take lo-fi nutation 2 16 hours 54 min
expendable friend's picture
The moon, sinister acoustic, probably stolen, everybody knows that the moon is a bit evil Donatedexpendable friend 3 16 hours 56 min
French Cricket's picture
link Sad Paino Ambient, nice noise, Instrumental French Cricket 4 17 hours 7 min
cindyrella's picture
link Nightmare in Pink eerie, Dark winnercindyrella Acousticmaddie 2 17 hours 8 min
Hummingbird's picture
link Approach to Earth Piano Hummingbird 1 17 hours 9 min
sph's picture
link Team LoFi presents: Acoustic Lo-Fi corpse 2nd collab, corpse, lofi sph SimonWaldram, owl, French Cricket, iHelen, marvsmooth 4 17 hours 49 min
Barry Goldman's picture
link Suomi Salami, Sasami? Goof Rock Barry Goldman 3 17 hours 57 min
Acousticmaddie's picture
link Its time for you to go! fantasy, death, darkness DonatedwinnerAcousticmaddie 3 18 hours 2 min
LadyRed's picture
Breathe Me In Poetry, lyrics-only, sex winnerLadyRed 1 20 hours 2 min
oneslowtyper's picture
I don't Know Cindy lyrics only, Acoustic alternative ballad needs music needs vocals Donatedoneslowtyper 2 20 hours 34 min
Chip Withrow's picture
Demo Gonna Let You Go Piano, acoustic, rock and roll DonatedChip Withrow 8 22 hours 34 min
metalfoot's picture
Demo Car journal, acoustic rock Donatedwinnermetalfoot 3 22 hours 43 min
Technicolor Gramophone's picture
video A Sufficiency of Harmless Nonsense surrealadelica DonatedTechnicolor Gra... 5 23 hours 12 min