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Same Love lyrics, collab welcome DonatedDeannaSweidel 1 29 min 50 sec
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link Small Hours Noodles piano, blues, instrumental DonatedTim Fatchen 1 55 min 57 sec
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Hope hope aneilm zong 1 hour 35 min
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All I have is a song lyric-only needs music vocals need aneilm zong 1 hour 52 min
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Demo Darnell's Unimaginable Tales of the Saltmarsh saltmarsh tales G3 Darnell 1 1 hour 56 min
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Water Rock Michael Lockley zong 2 hours 37 min
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The Illusion of You guy with piano, phone recording, Rock Edward Roussac 2 3 hours 17 min
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We Were Careful otagoseaburial 2 3 hours 29 min
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link Every Pretty Lady rockabilly, rocknroll, johnny cash Jibbidy34 Gwyn Jones 1 3 hours 29 min
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That's One For The Real otagoseaburial zong 3 hours 40 min
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video At 2:53 am marthienel cindyrella 3 3 hours 44 min
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Foolish covid-19, covidiots, flouting glyne3 Steven Davies 2 4 hours 3 min
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Lesbian Dinosaurs (A Quirky LGBTQ+ Children’s... Children, lgbtq, queer kahlo2013 2 4 hours 16 min
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video Tao Te Ching verse 10 marthienel 2 4 hours 54 min
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Alabama Bound leadbelly, surreal road trip, pandemic billwhite51 5 5 hours 10 min
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Mr Mediocres Army Donatedcoolparadiso 4 5 hours 11 min
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link I'm Not Proud Pop rock, ballad, pop Powerstars 5 6 hours 4 min
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link Honey - Give Away The Bottle Drive By Love Fest 3 6 hours 57 min
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Demo Purple heart music, fiftyninety, op-z Elesimo zong 7 hours 13 min
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Let the Right One In horrormovietitle dzd 1 8 hours 17 min
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Demo Everything's Got To Go synthvox, silly, old school r&b Donatedsplittybooms 3 8 hours 22 min
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Demo Sing While Doing Everything Donatedyam655 1 8 hours 56 min
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Time Has Come Poetry, lyrics-only, fanatsy Chandra83 2 9 hours 18 min
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Ruin Poetry, lyrics-only, fantasy Chandra83 1 9 hours 21 min
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Demo The Easy Part Acoustic, lo-fi Donatedmikehex 2 9 hours 29 min
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Demo It's Baseball Time acoustic-one-take Donatedmetalfoot 3 9 hours 33 min
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Demo Elephant Retribution Donatedyam655 3 9 hours 47 min
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Demo Behavioral Health Acoustic, one-take Donatedthisisbeckyw 5 10 hours 1 min
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link Uh Oh(Attack Of The Clones) DracoWolf94 DracoWolf94 2 11 hours 37 min
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Ithaca's Crown instrumental, Rock, Live-To-Tape Candle 5 12 hours 15 min
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video 0250902020 Just an other day Graceville 1 13 hours 11 min
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link Secret Passage Acoustic, BIAB, Folk Liz_Frencham 10 13 hours 12 min
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Beg For Mercy Rock dannyk1 3 13 hours 57 min
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link Archie Ankylosaur dinocore paulotteson 2 14 hours 4 min
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link Skip Ads house electronic Donatedadforperu 5 14 hours 33 min
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link So Dear synthpop ohkshea 5 14 hours 37 min
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Demo I Miss My Band alt-country, mandolin, acoustic guitar Donatedphylo 4 14 hours 51 min
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link I Like It (But Not A Lot) piano, voice, nOTjaZz ZsuzsaDoe 5 14 hours 56 min
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Demo Beekman Ave. instrumental, logic Donatedkatpiercemusic 4 15 hours 9 sec
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link Mask of Doom Acoustic DonatedZeekle 4 15 hours 2 min
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Demo Vial instrumental, chiptune, soundtrack DonatedIA 3 15 hours 13 min
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Convenient Trap Folk, singer-songwriter, Acoustic the pannacotta army 4 15 hours 21 min
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link 'Magic Elephant' elephant, instrumental, StoryCube musicsongwriter 6 15 hours 50 min
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The Clydesdale Horses Today children's song cindyrella 4 15 hours 58 min
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Quick Poetry, lyircs-only, fantasy Chandra83 2 16 hours 14 min
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Demo An English Village Morning Modern Classical, String Orchestra, Village Life DonatedBunter 4 16 hours 21 min
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link Ordinary Time lo-fi, #week1 life without budgies fresh... 3 16 hours 26 min
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Not Even a Dog Anti Trump cindyrella 4 16 hours 35 min
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It's A Cold World lyrics-only, lyrics only, needs-music DonatedAmanda West 2 16 hours 50 min
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video Sing What You Feel children's song, Acoustic, acoustic one take Amanda Rose Riley 1 16 hours 56 min