More Than the Black Eyes

More Than the Black Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

I thought I was finished, but this title came to me and I wrote it down quickly. Thanks for everyone for all their great comments and the over 60 complete songs!


More Than The Black Eyes
© 2021 Cindy Prince

I'd escaped the abuse
Ran for my life
Didn't ever want to be
Somebody's wife
I'd been beaten
Too many times to count
Every day I looked for
A way to get out

Somebody asked me
About my black eyes
About my bruises
Though I'd tried
To cover them up
But still they showed
That's what you get
With blow after blow

But still...
It was more than the black eyes
It was an assault on my soul
It was more than just cries
I was no longer whole
It was more than the black eyes

I'm now free
He can never find me

I will have scars
But the bones will heal
The black eyes are changing
It's so good to feel
Something but biting pain
Now I'm on the mend
I'm so glad that
The abuse came to an end

Repeat chorus

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Good to see a good outcome to what is a worldwide tragedy. Very well written.

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I love that you ended with hope and freedom. This is a tough subject and you handled it with honesty and detail.

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Sadly there are so many other stories such as this. And while that may be so - it doesn't take away from each voice, each person that is on the receiving end of domestic violence. Beautifully rendered and much appreciated.