Won't You Come Back

Won't You Come Back

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Liner Notes: 

Eric: I had these lyrics and sent them to Nancy. She played piano and organ and did main and backup vocals. I added more backing vocals, bass, lapsteel, and a gutar lead. This is it for me, we have company coming and I'm just done.


One night at a party
Whiskey breath your faint perfume
Your voice so calm and smoky
From across the room

We talked for hours
Smoked our cigarettes
That night was the first
Of many we would spend

Won’t you come back and see me again
I’m not sure we’re gonna stay just friends

I would see you round
You always looked so serious
Minding your own business
Cool, calm, and mysterious


One night we were finally alone
I looked into my empty glass
I said I just want you know
I hope these times will last

Chorus maybe outdo…

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Lovely song all round! Vox is awesome Nancy. It all hold together brilliantly. Great guitar piece in there! I really enjoyed this! it will get a few listens . one of my favourites

(i think there is a fault at 34 seconds it cuts out twice and then a the volume jumps - doesnt take away what a cool song this is)

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Really nice. Great chorus - it’s very catchy. I really like the lap steel and it works so well with the piano. Good vocals too.

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aw lovely touching song. i can really picture the scenes and the tentative progress of a new relationship. lovely collab

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This one turned out lovely, congrats you two! It's sweet and moving!

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Really nice sentimental lyrics. Loved the lap steel and guitar solo. Nicely done.