A Last One For The Road

A Last One For The Road

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Liner Notes: 

That's it from me for this Fifty/Ninety this year, folks. Thank you all for listening, commenting and tuning in to my Twitch shows.


I've done orchestral, from rock to pop
And been successful, but here's where I stop
My mind's completely empty and I know my tank is dry
So I'll power off the power amps and bid you all goodbye

It's quite an undertaking, and it's been fun
but this year's music making is all but done

Gonna power off my gear
before it all explodes
and leave you, as I disappear
a last one for the road

Although it's tempting to sign off on a ton
I've decided that my Fifty/Ninety's done
Time to call it quits and simply go out on a high
I'm lowering the curtain and it's time to say goodbye

Provided I can make it through the winter staying sane
I hope that come next February I'll see you all again
Until then, let your muse and your imagination free
but I've run out of words—

I guess that means goodbye from me!

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Well done, I've really enjoyed listening to your songs over the past weeks. You've finished on a high. Superb performance and production again. Your guitar playing reminds me of Martin Barre, especially the choppy, riffy, rhythm

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And the last one is a great song. You amaze me, Chris. Have a great rest-from-writing season and see you at FAWM!

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Good words, fine music, and an especially impressive treatment of the vocals.

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Love it! Those mysterious vocals totally rock it! Had so much fun this 50/90. Thanks for listening and providing your music and inspiration! See you in February!

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you certainly have covered some ground! and really good ground as well! Nice end song you sound a bit like i feel. nicely said and done

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Great to meet you this year. Love this last farewell - and so many more. See you in February Smile

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This is so great. I like your vocal melodies, and the lyrics are so fun, really intimate as it's obvious it's made for us and only us Smile

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This is a great swansong - the tone is just right, giant smile on my face listening (no "rofl" lies here). Really nice chorus(es?) too. And solo.