No Limits 1 MTMC

No Limits 1 MTMC

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Liner Notes: 

This never got finished, but I thought it was worth posting.



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i like wah reggae feel. nice mix of styles within this. lovely drifty vibe. nice one, finished or not.

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This sounds incredible and I'm so glad you posted it. I think I did that drums for this? The fun and kind of hard thing about writing so many songs in such a short span of time is that I then have no memory of what is what.

I love the organ and that guitar, it has a slightly somber feeling but there is enough other stuff going on to add a bit of levity. This was a really great listen!

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Ooooo, real nice feel to this. The Raggae vibe is in there, which is great, but the subtle guitar really sets the tone. Me likes…