In The Summer

In The Summer

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Liner Notes: 

Jeff wrote this as a simple voice/guitar skirmish in August and I loved it so much I asked him if he wouldn't mind me producing it. Gwyn played in harmonica, acoustic bass, percussion and mandolin. Jeff's voice blends so well with mine, I doubled his lead vocal line and added a few BVs to his already awesome harmonies. This song just sums up my 5090 experience this summer. I've loved every minute of it with you lovely people! Y'all don't be strangers now, ya hear? Biggrin


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In the Summer

We threw our cares away

In the Summer

We partied night and day

There was never

Nothin' to Do

In the Summer

In the Summer

We dreamed the perfect dreams

In the Summer

Lives bursting at the seams

Never a frown

Never a dull moment

In the Summer

The concrete hot on our bare feet

The endless fields of yellow wheat

Miles of laughter on dusty roads

Wildflower colors did explode

In the Summer

We had so far to go

In the Summer

But we didn't want to know

We never thought about

Getting any older

In the Summer

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This is a beautiful expression of the magic of these online writing groups--- a minimal demo added onto by like-minded souls and MAGIC happens.

Truly wonderful arrangement and production.

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ive had summers like this before, but 50 90 provides winter solace for me. love the fabulous harmonies on these vividly evocative lyrics.

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Super collab! Especially enjoyed the vocal blending! Kept thinking I was hearing a tambourine. Nice perc hits!

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Those vocal harmonies are spectacular. I miss summer already. Love tit all! Thanks for another great song!

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fantastic vocals and harmonies. what a feel good summer song. yes it has been a wonderful 5090. love this. soo good, the musical additions from gwyn are great too but the lush vocals really steal this. well done all of you

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how cool 3 of the good guys n gals Smile really nicely done! great harmonies

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Wow...some fantastic magic you have crafted Georgie. I hear some CSN and Y harmonies here. The mandolin, bass, great vocals wow the whole package damn good !
A WINNER. Great collab...going back for another listen

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Oh my, such a feel good vibe. Those vocals are so pleasant to listen too. Some great instrumentation too. Mandolin really stands out on this one, but everything sounds great. You three have been kill’n it all summer…

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This has a really awesome vibe--it rests somewhere between 70's folk-rock and 90's acoustic rock and I love it. Fantastic melody, and those BVs are sublime. This is really lovely.

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Great backing laid down by all those guitars, mandolin, harp, percussion... and then Jeff and Georgie's voices sound sublime over the top. I felt like this was straight back to the 70s, in a wonderful way. And now the summer seems to be drawing to a close, it's lovely to get a slightly nostalgic 'looking back' type song. Well done on all your various triumphs this 50/90 guys - another amazing collab in the bag!