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Liner Notes: 

So last weekend I picked up yet another guitar. I only have one acoustic guitar, a big old Gibson that sounds great. But. I wanted something contrasting. So the new guitar is a Breedlove, a small-bodied thing with a short(er) scale length. It has a sweet tone. I put some new Thomastik-Infeld strngs on it today.

So this song is kind of a nothing, random bits on a new guitar. Then a melody. Then some fake strings.

I always have trouble naming instrumentals. So the Titular tool here on 50/90 gave me something "spark" and then I thought, well, it's a minor ish melody. So maybe it's a "down" spark.

Anyway, here it is. Tomorrow is the last day, but I have the whole day off, and hope to get AT LEAST ONE MORE DONE. We'll see.


Nopity nope nope.

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Whatever it is, it's very pretty and very enjoyable to listen to.

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This is gentle and calming and believe me, that's just what I need right now. And hooray for new gear!

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Perfect for the end of 50/90. Beautiful. Smile

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That does have a really beautiful tone, great mids/highs and not too much low end to make for some easier recording. Sounds like a nice crisp "dry" recording without a lot of eq magic added, so going to assume it sounds about the same in room, great buy! Breaking in a new acoustic is probably one of my favorite things, and now you're giving me GAS, I only have one steel string as well right now a pretty cheap Ibanez thing, that works, and after a lot of work its got a great setup and plays as nice as any Taylor that its modeled after, but I'm not in love with it.

I've tried the roundwounds of those strings before as not a lot of companies make them anymore, and almost hard to find unless internet shopping(I try to avoid if possible) I didn't like them as they were too low of a gauge for my liking, but sounded great.

Lovely bit of playing here as well! Guitar will sound really great once it starts opening up. Congrats!

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Quite enjoyable listen. Love acoustic and the sparkle of new strings is nice on my ears. I'm a fan of smaller body guitars. Hope you enjoy your new one.