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Liner Notes: 

Another from August. I found an old starter song template from Reason 9 that I used to use all the time before I upgraded. I thought I'd try it for old times sake, when I had the think your a spy idea and built the song around it. Sang the verse twice as couldn't work out a second verse. 3 reasonable vocal passes, panned 4 and 8, 3 and 9, 0. It definitely needs a middle 8 and verse lyrics worked out properly.


Music and Lyrics Mark Scullion

Testing times as we all know
Former friends pass you by
Frozen out of your town
It's not true, it's not true

They think your a spy, you got nothing to hide, let them know.
They think your a spy, you got nothing to hide, let them know, let them know.

You shouldn't have to go, you shouldn't have to go.

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i like the mysterious feel from the start, good for the spy concept. very well produced and delivered and oh my you got a Bryan Ferry thing happening in there! really good one man.

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I like the flow and feel to this song a lot. Nicely done.

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love that bass line and sound. i like the progression/voicings too. great full sound. there is something very catchy about this. nice one indeed!