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Liner Notes: 

Another song I got stuck on. I've been trying to work out some angry lyrics to fit the chorus which is, when I look in the mirror, I hate myself.
Too many tangents not enough time. It's a short song anyway, but I put up a verse chorus mid8 verse chorus for my reference purposes. The full song will last just over 2 minutes when finally complete, probably 3 verse/chorus before mid8. This song needs the vocals to make it work, but can't do vocals without lyrics. It's simple and straightforward, no complicated chords in this song. Oh and the siren sound at the start was a complete accident.


Music and Lyrics Mark Scullion

When I look in the mirror I hate myself

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love the sound and feel of this has an early 80s post punk vibe with the addition of that bubbly synth. seeds of a cool song here, can totally relate to the lyrics!