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Liner Notes: 

Another that's been around a while, first started late August. Provisional title treat from Theo demanding some cat treats when I was working on the beginning. The musics been round the block a few times. Tempo up at 130, down to 40 and settled at 75. A whole hotch potch of strange synth sound made up this piece, but it wasn't good, so I put them in the background and brought the real instrument type sounds up. Again the lyrics are unfinished, so music up, words to follow later. Maybe.


Music and Lyrics Mark Scullion

Treat me like a friend, treat me well, you know
I might meet you again when your down
Treat me as an equal, treat me like your own
I might meet you again when your down

And out, it happens, don't doubt
Your high, on top, of the world, then your out.

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Started listening to this on my tablet, and had to stop and go listen on headphones! I had to hear all of this! I love the synths, and when the piano comes in it's very ethereal. I really dig this! Mixed very well, great song!