Neverending Sweetheart

Neverending Sweetheart

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Liner Notes: 

This was recorded on a four-track cassette tape mailed around the country. It originated in California with Elesimo (bass), then went to Wisconsin to nancyrost (wurlitzer piano), then came to Washington, DC where pfoo (another wurliltzer piano) and I finished it up.

Standup: I did the lyrics and vocal. This was hard, I spent time on Titular and Lyricloud looking for random ideas that would spark something. Then I used Random Lyric Generator, which is awful but DID give me the adjective neverending for my sweetheart. Also put some of the lyrics I had into an AI called Talk to Transformer, which spit out riffs on some of the ideas I had. I think it ended up in an OK place, but it was a lot of hard, weird work.

Elesimo: I love starting a 4-track collaboration. You come up with something small and simple, put it in an envelope, and let it go. Then after a few weeks you listen to what it became, and it's always such a nice surprise. This one turned out lovely, beautiful and sweet. Great job, everyone!


Take your time
And don’t you choose
There’s never enough
Time to lose

Never-ending sweethearts
Hopes are high
cowboys and sweethearts
never compromise

You’re up against
Hope and style
You’re up against
The miracle mile

Life gives you a left and a right
And a left
Take the punches
Do your best

Still we venture
every day
We take our chances
And we stay

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Oh, wow... this turned out lovely! Dreamy and ethereal. Love the interplay between the pianos, and the lyrics are beautiful.

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The thing about work getting weird is that it can end up sounding *so* good. This one really gets there! And let's face it: laying down multiple keyboard tracks is always going to be a win...

"Ethereal" is a good word to describe this one. The woozy, lo-fi quality really works with both the instruments and the vocals.

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i can feel the cross-country journey in the spaces between the sounds. almost feel like im riding amtrak with this on headphone repeat

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This did turn out lovely. I really liked working with the initial part. The second piano was a great choice to hold things together and subtly add to the texture. The vocal melody has a cool mood and also does a nice job of fitting around the rhodes noodles.
like imagining which tool suggested which lyrics. I'm almost positive "cowboy" is Lyricloud's lift from Patsy Montana.
Great phrasing on "a right, and a left, and a right."

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Major success I'd say. What a process it seems like. What a cool adventure. The music all works so well and I think it was well worth the effort it took to compose the lyrics. Vocal phrasing sits just right.

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This is really wonderful, and it's such an interesting way this developed- like by accident and instinct and somehow ended up greater the the sum of its parts. the vocal and lyric really focuses it nicely, love the two pianos and bass feel too- great job, everyone!

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This was really fun to work on! Love how it turned out Smile

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Not sure how I missed your songs, but I'm very happy that I found this little gem. Choice instruments compliment the lyrics and its intent. I certainly do miss the four track recording challenge. Wonderful work, everybody!

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I'm feeling a bit of In Rainbows era Radiohead about the guitar (congrats), love the fruity little jazzy keyboard flourishes. Tell you what it makes me think of - like its a kind of Air song, if they actually wrote a full lyric - genre bending, but without wearing it too heavily. Very nice. The words are really nice too. I've never really considered the ambiguity of the phrase "take the punches" - it seems to work both for giving and receiving. Lovely.