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Liner Notes: 

Music first, trying to do something a little different. Lots of stuff this year has been Big Electric Guitar Rock, and I just wanted something else.

I think the lyrics are a bit of a time travel story. Not specific, but there's an undercurrent of the inexplicable, I guess.


Your appearance was a mystery
A break with history
a blinding flash of light
Lightning that split the night

we rely on happenstance
never gave it half a chance
can’t rely on circumstance
it’s down to happenstance

The very first word
I thought you said
Was look at you
We thought you were dead

Now I swear I never saw you before
But you felt familiar to the core
It didn’t seem crazy
You seemed to know me


You say “remember when”
Like there’s a time when we were friends
Your words like lines from a dream
Where there could have been a you and me

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Great resonator sound and playing. Very evocative music. I love the word 'happenstance' we don't use it much in the UK it's always nice to hear it being sung and you came up with some great rhymes for it. The slide at around 3.00 minutes towards the end is very effective.

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Really like the guitar work here. Great vibe to this song.

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These are great lyrics - seem to tell a linear story, with room to imagine.
And the song is incredible - sounds like a really groovy Americana/psychedelic band. I was really swept up into this - love it.

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This is gorgeous, Eric! Really solid production and a great song. I love the mysterious lyrics, and the chorus is beautiful.

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Solid stuff. This is a better story than a fair few SF stories I've read in the big magazines, and there's a gorgeous slide guitar solo in this. You don't get those in Clarkesworld...

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Good song – I really like the chorus. Strong lyrics with an intriguing story. The resonator gives it a great sound and the slide is really nice.