Put This On Loop

Put This On Loop

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Liner Notes: 

Gwyn sent me these lyrics and I did the music. We got a mystery rapper to do the vocals. Whoever can guess who this 5090er is gets a collab with yours truly!


2021 Cooper/Jones
All Rights Reserved

Well she’s up to the hilt…goin’ full tilt
Wreakin’ havoc an’ feelin’ no guilt
It’s all in the air…an’ she don’t care
Just throwing everything everywhere

Oop boop
Put this on loop
Copy the link and share with the group
It’s sassy, classy, superdupe
I said a-oop boop
Put this on loop

Well enough is enough…the same old stuff
Time has come for her to hang tough
Her heavy load she needs to lighten
She’s comin’ out fightin’, scratchin’ an’ bitin’

Oop boop
Put this on loop
Copy the link and share with the group
It’s sassy, classy, superdupe
I said a-oop boop
Put this on loop

Can’t keep a good girl down too long
Someday she’s gonna right that wrong
The bell will ring an’ hey ding-dong
She’s out there bangin’ her own gong

Oop boop
Put this on loop
Copy the link and share with the group
It’s sassy, classy, superdupe
I said a-oop boop
Put this on loop

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Oop boop put this on loop. Just love’n the oop boop. That’s some serious oop’n and boop’n going on with that music. Fuuuuuuunnnnn!!!! No guesses for the mystery rapper but I’m definitely curious.

geoff61's picture

This is loads of fun, can't guess who the rapper is unfortunately

Gm7's picture

Oop boop Smile My feet are still tappin' up a storm, girl. GOOD stuff.

sbs2018's picture

Oh my goodness, love it! I must get back into my studio and make some music! So inspired by this! What a beat - totally groovin - loopin in my head! Is Craig the mystery rapper? Nice collab!

cindyrella's picture

What a fun time this is! I have no idea who it is though! Good stuff!

davidtaro's picture

Superdupe, guys! No idea who’s rapping but they’re doing a grand job. Love the production here, so clean and dynamic. Love those stabbing synths, and that kick is massive! Fabulous work all round Smile

metalfoot's picture

I'm guessing either Craig (CTS) or Nahlej for the rapper. Or maybe even Georgie herself playing with some sound settings! Great energy and bounce!

Jibbidy34's picture

You guessed correct! I used a pitch shifter on my vox. Biggrin

rwc's picture

Good fun rap track – it’s really catchy. Great production - and the pitch shifted vocals are very effective.

Gwyn Jones's picture

I thought that Georgie excelled herself with the track but had no idea initially who was doing the vox...absolutely amazing! Well done Alex (@metalfoot) for nailing the question! Smile

djtjb's picture

Absolutely fantastic housey beat, bordering on garage. And DROPPING BARZ! I love this so much. Great job ya'll!

kahlo's picture

Say what! This is soooooo cooool! Funky and fun and that mysterious rapper is totally awesome! I would love to see them live Smile ! Great beats and sound with awesome energy! Has me bopping!

dzd's picture

awwww @metalfoot beat me to it. I was going to make that guess before even listening Biggrin Great pitch shifter though, analyzing it to the best of my ears ability I would of assumed just very transparantly autotuned, but only because there's no dynamic fluctuations in it so its definitely not a live raw vocal, there's usually more remnants of a pitch shifted vox......excellent work! Color me impressed.

What a great fun tune! I'd put it on a superdupe loop for a while Wink

wobbie wobbit's picture

great use of the pitch shift - i thought it was will smith haha. def that kind of blockbuster hit single vibe about it. great modern sound and fun lyrics. fun track all round, nice collab

Serene's picture

Oh yeah.. really fun. That pitch shifter is very clever!