You Never Know

You Never Know

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Liner Notes: 

A brief beginning to end love story.


Fragrant springtime mountain air
Their eyes meet and they don't care
Hand in hand they waltz through town
Pretty soon there's a wedding gown

You Never Know
How love will go
Might be fast or slow
Dancing to and fro
You Never Know
How love will go
Can they feel the flow
Embrace the glow
You never know

Little baby on the way
Daddy's outside balin' hay
Pretty soon, off to school
Learn to follow the Golden Rule


Hair turns grey, eyesight fades
He still thinks she's the ace of spades
Walkin' slower that's okay
Sit on the porch and swing and sway


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This is a beautiful love story. Love those harmonies.

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Wah, really great harmonies for sure.
A definite Neil Young/CSNY vibe here, which is excellent.
I'm liking the simple chord progression; really highlights the off chords.
Lovely lyrics, too.
Good headphone mix.
Nice work.

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Really well put together sounds very full. Solid performance and great geetar tone.

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This is pure heaven! Wonderful harmonies and lyrics. One of my favorites of yours!

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V3 is my favorite, the first two lines of which are killer. Always solid guitar and singing. Nice harmonies.