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Liner Notes: 

since my modular patch last night was so complex (see "vacillant;", i decided to challenge myself by making an entirely new jam without changing the physical hardware setup!!

with a handful of exceptions (patch notes below), everything is the same.

i just tweaked some knobs to get different settings on all the modules and pedals, and re-randomized some randomizable parameters.

in the end, i think i like the first piece last night a bit better, and the low end/percussion for some reason is weaker in the mix (remember that i did this all live to 2-track, no post-processing in the DAW other than some light mastering).

anyway, this is a fun challenge. i may stick with this setup for a couple more experiments....

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

again, see "vacillant" for the core of it (

a few changes:
* added gate and envelope cables from mutable instruments ears to be able to "accent" the alto/treble voices (STO and dixie ii+ oscillators)
* switched to the triangle wave output of dixie ii+ (instead of square), and modulated its wavefolding strength (instead of pulse width)
* changed the waveform ubraids uses
* changed the euclidean rhythms sequence to 4 (kick), 5 (snare), and 6 (hihat) beats out of every 16 steps
* changed the interval between alto/treble voices to a 3rd (instead of 5th)
* limited the notes to C, E, G, B (instead of full C major scale)
* changed the BPM, and made the rhythm and melody clocks advance slightly out of sync (which is hard to hear, but kinda has a cool subtle effect...)
* switched the percussion effect to a short stereo delay (instead of overdrive)
* switched the reverb mode to "gated" (instead of "modulated")

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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re- your liner notes - its 'all Greek to me' (irony alert, of course, given your day job, right?) but this is a really fun listen, especially in stereo, where it sounds as if my speakers have a mind of their own- wonderfully compelling and entertaining stuff, whatever it is Smile

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This is great! It feels like we’re walking around in a happy little settlement of friendly aliens. I love the staccato synth sounds and their interplay. Engaging and entertaining!