The Faintest Shadow

The Faintest Shadow

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Liner Notes: 

I started with some guitar chords, fleshed out the music a bit, then wrote lyrics. Not my usual approach, I'm mostly lyrics-first. More grandiose production, because I don't have more than one idea a week right now!


Time slips unnoticed
Keeping to the shadows
Do we ever understand
This thing we can never know

Our new target
Our new values
Our new method
Nearing its debut

From the day of our birth
We decline
We’re casting the faintest shadow
On the strands of time

No one understands
The time we possess
Pay no attention to
Those who profess

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I really like this as great deal- the lyric has just enough ellipticality (is that even a word?) and just enough 'sense' to really hit hard without giving its meaning too easily. (Maybe that's a fancy way of saying there's a great poetry here that resonates without being pinned down?) Music is great, including that great Neil-Young-ish lead guitar that jumps out of the 'zuma' record or something... You've definitely hit something here Smile

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I like these harmonies, and that guitar cuts in really nicely. I enjoyed this

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a very thoughtful lyric, given a sensitive treatment. nice build and really solid guitar!

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Really lush, atmospheric instrumentation to go along with poignant, philosophical lyrics. This really makes you think. Nice job!