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Liner Notes: 

this was a VERY long and complicated synth patch based on a concept for which i had high hopes.

it kinda didn't work out as well as i'd hoped, but it's still kind of cool.

there are 3 melodic voices and 3 drums. there are 4 different rhythmic + melodic sequences, which i switch between with the touch of a pad on the "pressure points" manual sequencer module. it's kind of hard to explain, but i'll try....

in the end, this ended up sounding kind of medieval to my ear for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

* ubraids (bass)
* dixie ii+ -> ultrafold -> dynamix (alto)
* sto -> javelin (treble)

* plonk (kick)
* akemie's tiako (snare)
* chimera (hihat-ish)

1. turing machine
2. turing machine volta expander
3. mimetic digitalis
4. richter wogglebug -> maths (for attenuation to 1-octive range)
----> all 4 sequences go into s 2hp switch, and which of the 4 is used is chosen by the pressure points touchplate sequence 1
----> the selected sequence is run through an intellijel scales for quantization to C major (or A minor, or whatever)
----> the main pitch sequence is sent to bass and treble voices (1 octaves apart), and a 5th up is sent to the alto voice
----> grids is used for melodic rhythms (kick = bass, snare = alto, hihat = treble), and each one triggers a stages (as a sample & hold) as well as voice envelopes
----> i use a manual switch to make the alto/treble use the same (snare) or different (snare/hihat) triggers for different flavors of counterpoint

euclidean circles module with 3 euclidean rhythms out of 16 beats: 2 (kick), 1 (snare), 5 (hihat)

* ochd, rnd step, stages (envelopes) for all kinds of parameter tweaking
* pressure points for switching melodic sequences (via CV1 out) and grids patterns (via CV 2+3 to the X+Y inputs of grids)
* control (4 big knobs) for increasing/reducing note density for grids (the melodic voices)
* branches is used to trigger occasional "accent" hits on the 3 percussion modules...

* snare & hihat go through a pico dsp overdrive
* entire stereo mix goes into a hall of fame stereo reverb pedal on "modulated reverb" setting

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Yeah, that's definitely cool. Love the triplet feel syncopation. That parting note is pretty great.

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Oh, I like this. That syncopated beat really bounces along and the placement of everything in the stereo mix is really satisfying.

Ever come across the Modified Toy Orchestra at all? This reminds me of their approach to dance music quite a bit.

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Like one of those early 60s electronic music tracks, but so much better.
Dance music for tiny octopus robots.
The syncopation is making my ear holes happy.
Excellent track here for sure.