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Liner Notes: 

i bought a used "richter wogglebug" module online that just arrived... it's a quirky randomization module (with clock, control voltage, and audio sections).

this piece started out with me doing the "Jittery Clock Concept" example patch from the user manual online, and then i kept adding stuff from there. it's kind of a cool vibe, although not exactly consistently rhythmic with, well, a "jittery clock" and all...

kind of like if R2D2 tried to make an alt-electronica record.

i'll try to reconstruct the patch from memory, since i tore it apart after doing the one-take recording...

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

* turing machine + pulses expander (1+2 gate) -> STO -> dynamix
* turing machine volts expander + pulses expander (4+7 gate) -> dixie ii+ -> dynamix
----> all melodic voices mixes down and sent to typhoon

* kick = basimilus iteritas alter
* snare = akemie's taiko
* hihat = chimera
* plonk (forgot the mode) for some other random euclidean rhythm stuff
----> all percussion voices mixes down and sent to pico DSP

* self-patch wogglebug -> turing machine + grids
* turing machine w/ expanders sequences the 2 melodic voices
* grids sequences the kick/snare/hihat
* euclidean rhythms sequences another bit of random percussion
* ochd + rnd step + diode chaos for a lot of parameter modulation for excitement

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These are fun sounds. The way they pitch shift is interesting. Your initial "boop" and the symmetrical ending one help the listener contextualize it as music.

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Yeah, more "malfunctioning starship AI" than "Jittery Clock".
But super lovely all the same.
I really like this a lot.
I think we need more experimentation and weird music here at 50/90, so thanx for this.
Great headphone panning in the last bit there.