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Liner Notes: 

@fresh-spotless-youth pointed to this article about Keith Jarrett:

It seems he bailed on a show, went back to the car and was ready to drive away, because they had given him a bad ("unplayable") piano. This 17 year old girl, Vera Brandes, had tried to organize this concert and... well, mistakes were made.

Anyway, she went out and pleaded with him to go through with the show, and he finally agrees "never forget. Only for you". The result is the Koln Concert of January 24, 1975, arguably the definitive jazz improvisation album of all time and one of the finest piano recordings of any genre.

Don't go back to the hotel Keith. For the girl, for all of us, do what you can.


The trip’s a loss, a sunk cost, a pain and a waste
Nothing left to do but drift, tail between your legs
Not your fault, not your problem, not your best day
Nothing stopping you right now from walking away

Don’t go back to the hotel
You know it’s wrong
There’s nothing there but a bed
And you’ve slept too long

Try and take what you can make of this imperfect world
There something deep in you that could speak
To the pain in the eyes of a girl

Your reputation can bear the expense, you can bear the wounds
And no one ever achieved success from leaving too soon
So many flaws, so many mistakes, nobody understood
But if you can’t elevate this case, who could?

Don’t go back to the hotel
You know it’s wrong
There’s nothing there but a bed
And you’ve slept too long

There’s a gleam of meaning still in this imperfect world
do what little you can and will
For the sake of the girl

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I love how the harmonies come in, contrasting the loneliness of the performer in the verses with the sociability of the audience in the chorus. And what a story. Just goes to show that it's not the instrument, it's the player that makes the magic happen.

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very pretty, great liner notes set the scene! Very different and enjoyable song, love the guitar flourishes

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Interesting liner notes. Amazing interpretation of it to make such a nice song.