Orbit In Decay

Orbit In Decay

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Liner Notes: 

My son is trying to learn to drive. It's hard for him, for a variety of reasons. He had an instructor, some ex-military guy, who yelled at him and told him "trying and failure are mutually exclusive"

What a jackass

I mean, seriously. This guy has never in his whole life attempted something so difficult that he didn't nail it on the first try? Pathetic moron.

Anyway, it got me thinking about our space missions and the many heroic failures and lives lost to further that endeavor. Screw that guy, I'd rather be an astronaut risking my life than a driving instructor taking out my frustrations at kids.

Here's a song about crashing and burning. But in a good way.


From above, you see everything
Perspective only distance can bring
It can’t last, but nothing will
Disorder brings us closer still

Breathe a little don’t think of what it means
The blaze of glory, the empty cold, nothing in between

Work to shape just how it comes
Revising plans, running the sums
The complex dance may bring us back home yet
Take every chance, with no regrets

But if we fall, like a shooting star
Wish for us to be just as we are

We weren’t made to go quietly, just to do no wrong
Better far to try and fail than to never push beyond

And if we fall, brought low to the ground
Just know we were never bound

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'we never were bound' as you sang it seems like a better fit than the written 'we were never bound'.

Be that as it may, this is an enjoyable listen. It does sound 'big'. Parts of it reminded me of several different groups, none of them being closely related to one another; and that's probably a bonus. imo.

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I like the theme. We can't be afraid to try even though we may fail and often. I really like the vibe of your vocals and melodies. The guitar adds that 'go big or go home feeling'.

Going through the driving lessons with my son too. It is so not fun, but necessary. Good luck to you and your son.

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I have to agree with the Purple Catfish, this reminds me of so many things, but nothing in particular. I'd say that's a pretty great thing. You could tell me this was an unreleased track from probably 50 different bands over a span of about 50 years and I wouldn't question it one bit, and I limit that to only 50 years because of the recording quality.

I'd like to follow that guy around for half a day and critique everything he did. I'd be willing to bet money I could make him cry, take a swing, or both in the first hour without meeting him I feel pretty confident in that Biggrin I had some ex drill instructor family and some pretty harsh coaches growing up, they're mostly all just bullies with more insecurities than most of us. I would agree trying and failure are mutually exclusive though, but not in how he meant it I'm sure. So is success and failure/mistakes and perfection/good and evil/etc, etc, etc, can't have one without the other.

This is a great lyric on top of the great performance as well, really universally nails striving for anything.