Hunt for the fake Romanian soprano troll

Hunt for the fake Romanian soprano troll

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Liner Notes: 

Made with linux,using only native plugins (Reaper for linux,Surge and Odin2 synth,Dragonfly reverb)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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definitety an action piece perhaps too comic for a serious chase scene, but possibly ideal for a revival screening of some mack sennett shorts

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Too good a title not to try out. I could see it to an eastern euro copy film of Beverly Hills cop! Good and just a little creepy!

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that lead sound sounds a bit like a stylophone. i like the tumble on the last bar of the main riff. i like how the filters morph and swell over the course of the song. to me it conjured up a scene of late night/early morning staggering home after a night of clubbing still a bit intoxicated but dealing with a new day, could imagine this as part of a movie where it shows a few hours in a little montage

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Well I gotta say that's a great title.
And yeah, this does sound like the soundtrack to some kind of chase scene.
That backing track is relentless; I like how it subtly morphs during the tune.
Really nice ending.

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I'm a sucker for a good title, so I had to come and hear what this one sounded like. It did not disappoint. Great sync lead line, and a suitably ominous and unrelenting bass line that reminds me of my favourite games on the Mega Drive from back in the day. Surge is a great synth!

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This was delightfully weird and drew me in right away. I'm not sure what genre this would fit in, but I'm glad it exists.

Thank you.