I Could Write It Down In Blue

I Could Write It Down In Blue

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Liner Notes: 

I love it when McTown randomly posts lyrics on my wall, so thanks again for these. I'm not sure if they are my favourite set so far, but I definitely like them a lot - no, I think they probably are my favourite. Break up songs are such a standard, but somehow they managed to be fresh, at least to my eye.

In contrast, I don't think the genre this has ended up in is very fresh - but frankly I don't care. I'm not sure who it sounds like, but it's just what came out. The verse came first, then the chorus (I had a chorus at first but ditched that because it turns out that it was Orinoco Flow, weirdly). Then the bridge, which I like the chords for but I have a feeling I'm going slightly in to autopilot with my songs now, so sorry if this is getting samey.

My favourite bit of the song is the keychange into the second chorus. I know key changes are terribly hackneyed but sometimes ... sometimes you just gotta keychange. I'm thinking maybe I should have just left it up there, rather than having the third chorus back down again, but maybe the variety is good.

I was going to do more - there was a solo after the bridge! But with that it was over four and a half minutes, and frankly that seems like a bit of an imposition. Also I was going to do other things to make it more interesting.. and sort the drums out... but through repetition I ended up loving these really weird hi-hat bits, which if I'm not mistaken are the bass part transposed into Drumworld.


I Could Write It Down In Blue David L Graham

You said you got something to say
But your face said it for days
I might be lost in my own stuff
But when my life gets screwed up

I know what’s what..
And I know the when’s and who
And if it’s not plain enough to you
I could write it down in blue

I could write it down in blue
The perfect emotional hue
I feel it all the way through
Yea, you’re cutting me loose
I could write it down in blue

I haven’t tried to count the lies
Or try to figure out the why’s
I am what I am, that’s for sure
And not likely to be cured

I’ll pay the cost
And know what I’ve gone and lost
And if my pain’s not enough for you
I could write it down in blue
Sometimes I stumble over my words
When it’s time for me to speak
But if it’s some kind of consolation
Or communication ..That you’re here to seek….

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Listening. Interesting little intro. Oh, I liked the chord changes.. Some nice vocal stuff.. Another one in the books. Thanks, guy ....and Cheers..as you guys say... or is that just some of you guys... Youall know what I mean....David

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The perfect emotional hue...Great collaboration. Interestingly fresh lyrical take on a break up song. And the music and vocal performance is always like nothing else, in the best way. The varied intonations used for different words throughout just keeps me engaged.

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Beautiful vocals, nice chords. The lyric "write it down in blue" is brilliant. I don't really hear the Hall & Oats thing. It just sounds easy and melodic to me.

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There's a momentum in this that keeps it moving along and engaging all the way through. The dynamics and production are excellent, and the bridge works very well. It all sounds very original to me, certailnly a bit retro but still very fresh.

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yup cool lyric! Nice simple delivery is just what it needed! nicely done. clean and clear!

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‘If it’s not plain enough to you / I could write it down in blue’ is a sensational line, really cool!

I love that Hall & Oates are part of your web of references now, but I feel like it’s only really the line above that has an echo of H&O. If anything this sounds… like you. Yes, you’ve managed to create your own sub-genre Smile

The melodies (and harmony lines) are all dreamy and lush, but then that’s what we come for. There are two little details which I loved: the ‘fo shure…’ backing vocal in the second verse, which really made me smile, and the jump into that high falsetto ‘bluuuuue’ at the end of the chorus. Oh actually there’s a third thing, there’s a seemingly throw away little ascending piano scale that made me think of Maybe I’m Amazed, and which I found really pleasing.

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I do chord changes all the time--usually with my vocal, whether the actual song does or not! Wink

Seriously, this is a great song you guys! Fantastic lyrics and a nice jazzy music bed and great vocal--as always.

Nice work!