Steer Me to the Beer

Steer Me to the Beer

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Liner Notes: 

Words: Graham/Daniel Music: Bearce

Yet another collaboration with McTown. David sent me these words and said "Yes, I do wander through the country...Vaughan and I both do a lot of it".

Strummed the Martin, picked the tele partscaster, plucked the uBass, sang with my own damn self and added a Logic drummer. Voila'... country music.

Boy, howdy


I got in my rig round about five
I been grinding gears and staying alive
Got Merle and Willie singin’ me all their songs
I can't sing but I'm singin' along
I’m done and pulled it in
All I got left is this ol’ grin
And a powerful urge
To ease my thirst… so fellows

Steer me to the beer please
Cause I could use me a brewsky
I been up and down the road
Worn out all my get up and go
Some suds are what I must have, clearly
So, Steer me to the beer (won't ya) please

Morning’s coming pretty darn soon
And my boss’s going have me out there too
So I need to drink, think, and find my bed
And ease this four lane memory in my head
I've got a few hours to myself
Need a reward for doing well
A few cold ones would do fine
To ease my weary mind

repeat chorus:

Don't need no ladies or parking lot cuties
I might be crazy but I ain't looney
I just need a little R&R
Take in the moonlight underneath the stars

repeat chorus;

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Phil did a great job on this rascal. Vaughan and I wrote the lyrics with a little tongue in the cheek...somewhat straight...road songs. Enjoy. David

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"sang with my own damn self and added a Logic drummer" - lol! Thinking you did a pretty good job. Love Logic's drummer. Classic country - reminds me of a younger George Strait.

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It's a nifty ol' country song. I particularly like the chorus. Well done!

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Yeaaaaah! Great production in this one, I was bobbing my head and tapping my foot. Fun and catchy!