Not knowing what coexists

Not knowing what coexists

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Liner Notes: 

This is sort of a three part collaboration of @pipewrench67, @simpleiscomplex and me inspired by Andy Getch's

pipewrench67 provided the cool rhythm track and simpleiscomplex and me both added tracks at the same time without knowing what the other did.
I now sort of mixed everything together.
Thanks to @AndyGetch for kickstarting the whole thing.

@pipewrench67: 4 tracks of rhythm and sound fx
@simpleiscomplex: vocal, typewriter, music box without music and chimes
me: fretless bass, 2 fuzz guitars



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An interesting journey of sound... I quite enjoyed it!

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sounds of a breaking day as each new element emerges from nothing until the full attributes of daylight are in place and everything resumes as it did on the preceding day, and then, quite unexpectedly, it all slows to a stop

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Very much liking this, right from the concept of creatings tracks collaboratively without hearing what your fellow creators are doing. It hangs together superbly well; I couldn't see that you'd specified bpm or anything in the discussion, in which case this is frickin' amazing. Reminds me quite a lot of Trey Gunn's early solo albums like The Third Star. It has that same intensely atmospheric vibe and I'm loving that fuzz guitar.

You guys need to do an entire album of this sort of thing. Seriously. I downloaded this on the spot.

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I'm loving the typewriter.
Great build on this, especially when the guitar comes in and points the way forward.
Nice groove on the bass.
And of course the odd-time signature is awesome.
That guitar sound coming in at about 3:40 is really working for me.
The subtle vocal is a nice touch.
Yeah, really excellent collab here.

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A cool journey to be sucked into. Love it when the bass/guitars come in.