Darkest before the Dawn

Darkest before the Dawn

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Liner Notes: 

So I asked Georgie to do this but she wasn't sure if could finish it for this 50/90 due to her other collab commitments...BUT she did and I appreciate that greatly. Thank You Georgie. Besides singing a melody line she also did backup and harmonies....no doubt in my mind that she pull it all out there, no holding back! I am a fan.
The premise of the song is about a girl who wakes up just before dawn and reads a note from her boy friend - he is leaving her! But she is not sure if it is a dream or reality...but it becomes a nightmare and a heart ache!

Song: Darkest Before the Dawn

Music, lyrics by: Garry Kirby (PS another go at using a piano in a song)

Sung/Melody/Final Mix by: Georgie Cooper


the tapping clicker is to mimic a clock ticking.

First section is suppose to be someone who is just coming out of REM sleep and their head is in a twilight zone. So the singing (scat style) haunting..

I heard a strange sound
wakes me from a deep sleep
The moon light shines across the bed
I still have cobwebs in my head
I see your not there I have a strange feeling

My body jolts but am I awake?
is this a dream or a heart ache?
is this a dream or a heart ache?

Solo...a quiet inner reflection of what could be!

Stumble out of bed
search for you everywhere
The worst things go thru my brain
The wind on the window sings a sad refrain
I find the note

The moon light shines on the words
My world slows down but my head is spinning
My nightmare is real and my fears are winning

Now I know what they mean when they say
It's the darkest before the dawn
darkest before the dawn...the dawn.

I sit and wait
Maybe its a dream and i'm not aware
The moon light shines on my shaking hands
My heart is sinking into the dark quicksand
I heard a strange sound
that wakes me from a deep sleep

My body jolts but am I awake?
is this a nightmare or a heart ache?
is this a nightmare......it’s a heart ache!

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Of course I love this! Georgie's vocals singing the lyrics (and not just the humming... I must be impatient this morning - lol!) come in at just the right time breaking my boredom, taking the song to another level - love the way "heartache" is sung in the chorus (repeated with other words later). And then we get an intriguing melodic break before the next verse. Cool production!

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So good, all around. Music is super solid. The lyrics are top shelf. Georgie's singing and humming it off the charts. I absolutely love the bridge...Wow! Glad you got this done this 50/90.

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love those slidey notes. the lyrics paint the scene well and Georgie's vocal serves them so well. catchy hook. great collab

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Sweet Treatment... Love the song!

Great lyrics, vox, playing and production another Cooper Collab Home Run!!

Thanks for sharing guys!


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This is great -- take Gm7's distinct musical style and add a healthy helping of Georgie's vocals = classic rock track. Great collab work!

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a real winner here. lyrics are excellent and georgie draws the cream up to the top. the arrangement and production are flawless. i loved every note.

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Very cool concept for lyrics. Great write. The music is super and fits nice with the mood of the lyrics. Georgie, as always, delivers a sensational vocal to bring this all together. A wonderful collab!

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What a fantastic collab, the jazzy vibe is lush and beautiful. Georgie's vocals just elevate it to another level. Great job you two!

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yup a complete song all round clever concept well written and a nice delivery giving the words room to breath

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I love Garry's piano and guitar. The mix sounds wonderful. Georgie your voice rocks--it's got killer Stevie Nicks vibes going on here. A nice collab!!

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Echo the Stevie Nicks thing, Georgie sounds eerily similar! Love the humming intro and the overlay vocals toward the end. Guitar tones are awesome. Wonderful collab guys!

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Ain't it great when you can get one of the terrific female singers around here to sing one of your song? I just posted a song this morning featuring @KateStantonSings, and she knocked it out of the park.

As Georgie has done here. Maybe those two should do something akin to a "rap battle"? Wink

Great job on this, you two.

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Amazing vocals, great concept and lyrics, lovely music backing.
Knew this would be awesome when I saw the names involved.
This gives me such a classic ballad vibe. I used to listen to the smooth jazz station back in Michigan ALL the time. My most vivid memories of it are when I used to go out to the car and have lunch when working a job that I hated with a passion. That hour was so treasured because it meant I could 'get away'.
And this is the kind of sound that I remember from a lot of the vocal songs that they'd play on that station.
Unfortunately I can't remember a lot of the names of the artist, but this definitely reminds me of those tracks with smooth vocals and jazzy guitar.
This just sounds so good to my ears. Thoroughly enjoyed this.
Great team-up. Out the park.

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Great vocals as ever by Georgie (loved the panned bvs btw) on a really excellent song with a fabulous musical setting by @Gm7!