So Much Better With You

So Much Better With You

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy and I usually do at least one collab during FAWM/5090. I related to this lyric a lot so it was easy to sing about.


© 2021 Cindy Prince

I'm floating on my back
Adrift in the wind
You are beside me
We're together again

On our favorite water
The blue green lake
Looking forward to
The love we'll make

It's late summer
The seasons are starting to change
You're again my lover
And I couldn't arrange
My life any better
I'm so much better with you
I'm so much better with you

We're getting too red
We float to the shore
Tomorrow we'll be
Very burnt and sore

But today's been perfect
I'm happy and back with you
Nothing like floating
Underneath a sky of blue

Repeat chorus

We'll get frozen drinks and toast to one another
Then celebrate our bodies as we rediscover

Repeat chorus

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tjeff, really enjoying listening to your music. Fantastic guitar playing and singing. Well composed and produced songs. Lyrically, I can see why you chose this song. Cinderella did great work here. Love the positive feel good message. I totally relate…Well done!

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It's fabulous! Incredible guitar and harmonies! I also live the bops in the chorus! This sounds like a hit song! Thanks!

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Just a great song. Great happy feel to it and the harmonies and main vocals are so solid! Nice guitar work.

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love the melodic opening, then even more love the lift of the chorus. what happy lyrics, really captures a summer vibe. the playing and delivery is really good. top harmonies. this is really catchy and happy. top collab

Jerry Pettit's picture

Perfect guitar tone and gorgeous vocal! Really, really a nice job covering Cindy's always terrific lyrics.

Yay! Very nice collaboration, you two!

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WoW!! Great Tune! What a superb collab!! Super acousice playing and capture!! Love the Lyrics and Vox!

One of my faves to date!!

Great job Cindy and Jeff!


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yup good summer hit musically and lyrically! well done to both of you

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Sparking with great lines and sparkling with great music...fantastic job all round!

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This is really special. Transportive. Great collab.
The ba-bahs win the internet today! Enjoyed much!

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So great to hear these lyrics with music! Cindy you're story is full of visuals and sweet emotion. The song has a wistful feel to it which suit the lyrics beautifully. Then those "bop-bops" come in and give it a little fun & anticipation. Great touch. And I really enjoyed the guitar and vocal. Really well delivered. Great collab!

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Love the Bah-Bah-Bahs. The vocal is great, and the lyrics and music go together well. Innocent song that feels timeless. Nice collab, guys.