Your Innocence

Your Innocence

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Liner Notes: 

It seems I often write about lies and liars, fascinating subject for some reason. This is a made up story, not something that happened to me. A character sketch I guess.

Since I've really slowed down writing I'm spending time on production instead.


Ask an honest question
And only silence follows
How long do we wait
Until your bright tomorrow

Back in the day
You were so hip
Your innocence
A bargaining chip

you smile so gamely but there’s
turmoil In those eyes
If nothing’s certain
Can you really call them lies

That smile held a promise
But I know you lie so well
You got away with a couple of things
But now you cheat yourself

Sadness that you hide
Between and underneath
Darkness in that smile
there’s no release


You innocence lost at sea
Sank without a trace
But there’s still a look
A look that you can fake


Sadness in between
Sorrow underneath

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Really dig the sound - cool guitars, drums, vocals! I often write about lies, too…

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youve got a bigger sound and a better voice, but this reminds me of jackson browne's style of songwriting

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Mmm, those high backing vocals on the chorus give it such a melancholy lift. Love this song. Also nice to hear a bit of whammy bar action! Also like the guitar, weaving along conversationally.

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I’m with the Hypnotist here. Your vocals were great (high backing and other) and your guitar playing is always good to hear front and center. Nice job with the production.

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Cool song mate! love the guitar again! i think ive said it before but there is something so Verlaine about your style and i really like it!

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Yeah, liars are fascinating, you are right.
Ah, that guitar reminds me of Neil Young, which is excellent.
Really great production.
Full sounding in the headphones.
The doubled harmony vocals are a nice touch.

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Oh yes! I agree with Fuzzy. These guitars are Neil Young loveliness! You have a nice vocal. The lyrics are fascinating as well. I love the method detectives use with liars--asking them to recount their stories backwards to see if timelines still match up. Nice production!

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Yeah, so many "tells" with liars. You convey this nicely. And I like the insight given too, as in, "You got away with a couple of things/But now you cheat yourself". Good vocal and harmonies too. They add a lot. I really enjoyed the music and the guitar solos. This is so well put together!

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Great writing in this. The lyrics are worth the price of admission for "Your innocence / A bargaining chip" alone, but you follow that up with "But there’s still a look / A look that you can fake" in the bridge, which is even better...

Those shimmering rhythm guitars are pure gold, too. Very nice, this.

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Top notch lyrics….I’ll have to come back later when the site has fixed the demos not playing properly because the previous comments promise me a treat for the ears.