Wild Things

Wild Things

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Liner Notes: 

This took me more than usual because I kept wanting to add things. Needs music and vocals.


Wild Things
© 2021 Cindy Prince

I want to run wild with the elk in the mountains
I want to fly high with a hawk in the air
I want to swim like a dolphin in the ocean
And my wild baby I want you there

I want to stand still like a giant Sequoya
I want to care for my young like a mama bear
I want to be fragrant like new roses in bloom
And my wild girl I want you there

I want wild things to do
And to do them with you
I want to escape to the hills
Then make love with thrills
I want you both day and night
I want you in my sight
I hope you care for me too
Wild girl I truly love you

I want to run freely just like the wild horses
I want to race about like the tortoise and hare
I want to dive like an eagle after a big fish
And sweet one I want you there

I want to climb high like a mountain goat
I want to be a wolf with pups in a lair
I want to grow like daffodils in the spring
And wild thing I want you there

Repeat chorus

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Sunfire's picture

This is quite nice. I like the imagery it conjures up in my head.

Wolf Kier's picture

Loving the nature imagery, I was expecting wild crazy, but I got wild natural. And that sweet one I want you there hook is like a big welcome hug to the "real" life. Well done.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Yeah--not sure why, because the words are very simple, but each line DID make me think of an image.

Very nice work!

Gwyn Jones's picture

Great lyrics as always Cindy...you are amazingly prolific and each one a gem!

kahlo's picture

What a lovely sentiment beautifully placed in nature. I loo! I really enjoyed the details.,