I Used To Take a Lot of Drugs

I Used To Take a Lot of Drugs

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Liner Notes: 

I'm late to the skirmish party, but I still showed up.
I was kicking around with these riffs all day on ukulele, but switched to guitar for the demo. And like a few other of my short songs, this demo has two back-to-back takes.


I used to hallucinate scary bugs
I used to associate with thugs
I used to sleep on filthy rugs
I used to take a lot of drugs

Now I drink beer from frosted mugs
And pour the wine from fine clay jugs
He thinks of his younger self and shrugs
Man, I used to take a lot of drugs

Now I get my kicks from family hugs
and poetry that at the heartstrings tugs
But I once put metal into electric plugs
Man, I used to take a lot of drugs

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Nice job just sticking to one rhyme….great job on the skirmish.

tjeff's picture

Cool bluesy riff you have going there. Some clever rhyming - it all works great to me. I had to laugh 'cause I've been there, done that.

billwhite51's picture

the way youre playing those licks, i think your guitar is on drugs.

AndreaB's picture

That is some mighty fine rhyming. I love V1 - scary but awesome imagery! I like that he matures and finds a better way to get high. The guitar is lovely. Nice Smile

greengrassgirl's picture

This cracks me up! Had me LOL! And your delivery is spot on! Love this!

mike skliar's picture

nice one! love the thru-rhyming-- really creative and you have so many great images going there, I guess you had a few years to do that 'research' Smile
and nice riff there, very jerry-esque, which is of course appropriate!

Russ Keys's picture

nice bluesy guitar. I'm amazed that you found so many rhymes with drugs! Very cool!

coolparadiso's picture

Yup thru rhyming is cool sometimes , it does here! This is cool

richaaaay's picture

Always enjoy some good acoustic blues. Nice skirmish.

Roddy's picture

Very nice guitar and vocal song. I like putting metal into electric plugs - its very good.

Jibbidy34's picture

Woah look at all those ‘ug’ rhymes! I like how you delivered this - totes in keeping with the theme! Good to hear you on the guitar.

Fuzzy's picture

Really great vocal delivery.
Nice job with the rhymes.
Lovely laid-back guitar work here.
Although I would argue that alcohol is still a drug....

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

As others have said, the rhyming is exceptionally well done. Love the laid back bluesiness.

corinne54's picture

This is great! The transition from drugs to drink and family. Brilliant. The riff and guitar in general is really engaging.

vivalarayna's picture

Love, love, love these lyrics. You managed to either make the humor just terrifying enough, or perhaps the terrifying just humorous enough?? Either way, this is a delightful bluesy listen.