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Liner Notes: 

This is my first skirmish. Might be the fastest lyric I ever wrote. Not sure if that's a good thing! Smile


Anything that one can become addicted to: Cocaine chocolate sex money power love pills weed. Anything that gets you high

TAGS: skirmish, songskirmish, s091221, feast, drugs
WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: @corinne54



He wears a rumpled raincoat
That didn’t look good new
Drives a car that barely runs
He never shines his shoes

But don’t think he’s a loser
He always gets his man
They all try to outwit him
So far, nobody can

I’m addicted to Columbo
Even though he’s off the air
I love that rumpled raincoat
How he never combs his hair
I’m addicted to Columbo
And he’s totally unaware

I love the tacky Lieutenant
And all his frumpy ways
I might be co-dependent
But he earns my highest praise

I’d like to get to know him
And I left him several hints
But darn, wouldn’t you know it
He had them run my prints

I’m addicted to Columbo
Even though he’s off the air
I love that rumpled raincoat
How he never combs his hair
I’m addicted to Columbo
He’s totally unaware

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Great skirmish write! And the first person across the finish line, to boot!!! Bravo!

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This is so fun. It's a terrific skirmish! It's hard to believe you came up with this in under an hour! I love it Smile

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Aww Columbo, I've been in Columbo remission for too long, it's time to get back off that wagon

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"I might be co-dependent/But he earns my highest praise" love those lines!! This is an awesome first skirmish. So charming, especially for those of us who are well acquainted with the man. Solid and delightful storytelling.

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Fabulous addiction! I love the details and the fun feel of this addiction! Great cadence and unique take on the prompt!

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I literally just finished watching an old Columbo! I've been doing this all week. This is fun and you have great descriptions of Columbo!

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Great idea for a skirmish addiction. I watch those old re-runs too. Easy to get addicted too. Good writing!

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Nice play with the prompt. Lovely cadence to it! I loved Columbo in the day. Oh just one more thing............

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This is SO good! Haha - several of my friends including my mother is a Columbo addict! Cute and well crafted! Totally badass for a skirmish.

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This is so fun! The quick reversal of expectations in verse 4 from "I’d like to get to know him" to "He had them run my prints" is brilliant, gave me a laugh. Awesome skirmish!

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ha, hilarious! my wife, she takes the laundry out on Tuesday, which reminds me, oh yeah, back to what I was saying..... this is great! Smile


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Very cool take on the skirmish prompt. I can picture him so clearly after reading your descriptive lyrics

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if it is true you love columbo, you would definitely fall in love with peter falk in the film, a woman under the influence, if you havent already.

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Ah…love this. Been years since I’ve seen Columbia. Frumpy is such a perfect word for him. And so clever that you left him clues but he just ran your prints. My one complaint is there was no mention of his white cockatoo. That bird was cool!

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Delightful! I love Columbo, and I do still watch it occasionally.
Great rhyme and meter - ready for music!

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Ha! This is a great take on the prompt, quirky and delightful. Fantastic rhyming!