Toad’s Bag ‘O Glass

Toad’s Bag ‘O Glass

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Liner Notes: 

An instrumental to the Bag of Broken Glass skirmish.. I was thinking of a video game journey where the character has to cross a rainforest where bags of broken glass are bursting open like thunder clouds.. the character makes it to the other end after the downpour.

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That works well. Nice melody and overall feel. The opening of the bags of glass sounds are very good.

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Nice. This has a vaguely Yellow Magic Orchestra feel to it that I really like. And I can visualise that video game level clearly!

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Yes I can hear what you’re describing and where that frantic piano comes crashing in at random speedy chords you could envision the character dodging those falling bags of broken glass. Nice to hear your music!

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Yes, this has such a fun video game vibe!! I can picture the "bursting bags of broken glass" especially as it gets more frenetic towards the end.

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I saw "Toad"...are...are we talking one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE CHARACTERS EVER here??!!
I love this either way.
But now all I can see is his big ol' mushroom head bopping along as Captain Toad, avoiding the bursting glass shards ala Treasure Tracker!
This is perfect for a game like that, and the stuff you start doing at like 1:04 with the plinking sounds getting more and more chaotic along with the kick and cymbals - that perfectly depicts the bursting glass clouds raining down.
Love this.