Rock 'n Roll Law

Rock 'n Roll Law

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Liner Notes: 

This is the last complete instrumental demo I recorded but didn't use this 50/90.

I was going to bring back PiiKKERALA this year and this was the first intended song. But it just didn't sound right. I couldn't do PiiKKERALA again unless I could equal "My Little Demon" and "Bald Guys Are FBI Spies" which is the one I did with G3 Darnell last year. PiiKKERALA was the "lost Hair Metal band" thing I did last year. It was basically me having total fun and recording whatever I felt like without feeling that it had to be "good".

This song degraded into my usual madness complete with that Peter Criss KISS Reunion Tour drum solo thing I never want to do in a song again. For the last minute I just did literally whatever. I always record the bass last and by that time I knew I wasn't going to use this song so it didn't matter what I played.

So this is just a recording of me messing around, playing a pretty typical riff as was the point. My drums are the loudest thing here because they are the best thing here. Nicko McBrain is another influential drummer for me. His cymbal pattern that he does in literally every Iron Maiden song is something I use a lot. Nicko is a great drummer, his playing on "Infinite Dreams" kills me. That is my second favorite Maiden song behind the untouchable "Hallowed Be Thy Name". Clive Burr's drumming on the Number Of The Beast record is also amazing. I just love Maiden man, I had to go on a tangent here.

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Long live Eddie. This is a pretty great jam, enjoyed the listen.

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Man. that blew the cobwebs away. Great rocking, guitar driven track. Excellent production with neat panning of the guitars (benefit of headphones.) Vocals would add but not to take away from a superb instrumental. Enjoyed.

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yeah most people would have this is a fav not a throwaway. the drums are cool man!

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Great fun. So nice to hear *everything* here being played for real! Ha - that's instantly recognisable as a Kiss drum solo.

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Loads of fun and great energy. Loved the guitars in particular. That last minute is so chaotic (in a good way)! Really enjoyed this! Smile

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Sounds outstanding on my cell phone headphones. Great guitar and great drums. Nice work!