Don’t Lick The Back Of The Natterjack Toad

Don’t Lick The Back Of The Natterjack Toad

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Liner Notes: 

When these lyrics by Gwyn came in I knew I had to dig out my Arkansas roots! Acoustic guitar with alternating bass, fiddle and a froggy synth pad plus actual croaks should do it Biggrin

Gwyn says: Straight outta Brillsville, Arkansas!


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Down there in the wetlands
Where wise folk never go
Lurk some nasty critters
And I’m here to tell you so
Found myself there one day
A-payin’ for my sins
So naïve and clueless
‘Bout all that bites and stings
‘Cos the only thing I ever knowed
Was don’t lick the back of the natterjack toad
The copperhead, the cobra
The canebrake rattlesnake
The viper and the python
Gonna make your body shake
That ol’ brown recluse spider
And scorpion in cahoots
Enjoy seein’ a stranger
A-quakin’ in his boots
And the only thing I ever knowed
Was don’t lick the back of the natterjack toad
Then there’s the snappin’ turtle
With that cold devilish smile
Don’t cross an alligator
Or offend a crocodile
But worse than any predator
In the swamp where marsh reeds grow
Because they’re goddam everywhere
Is the varmint mosquito
And the only thing I ever knowed
Was don’t lick the back of the natterjack toad

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now this is the way to pen and sing a southrn lyric. the refrain is hilarious and its phrasing is so like doug kershaw i could swear it came out of a louisiana swamp.

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This is glorious! So many knowing nods (the 'whoa whoa' train whistle vocals in the chorus deserve a round of applause all by themselves). Brilliantly observed and performed, folks. I'm still laughing!

kenmattsson's picture

Very fun, and interesting to sing a Southern US Country beat about a toad that only lives in Europe! I love all the layering of the instruments here.

Jibbidy34's picture

Sshhhhh…. We were ‘hopping’ no one would notice!

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Too fun and creative! That title and the singing is like Arkansas! Made me smile all the way through!

wobbie wobbit's picture

so much fun! fun lyrics and equally fun music and delivery i love the to-o-oad feature. great collab. big smiles Smile

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Love the fiddle and Georgie does such a great job of delivering these very fun lyrics….

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Funny, but a lot of truth here too -lol. Loved the music and vocals. It's such a fun song! Nice collab

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Ha ha good advice at the least, very entertaining as well of course!

metalfoot's picture

Good advice in a downhome style. Biggrin Georgie... I am such a big fan of yours. And Gwyn, your clever lyrics... *chef's kiss*

Jerry Pettit's picture

Jeez, Georgie--you've really got this down authentically. I shudder to think of how I'd do singing in a British accent--"Pip, pip and cheerio, guv'nor" and all that.

I hope you and Gwyn are going to put out some albums--these are consistently awesome. And you KNOW it!!

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Hahaha This is soooo great. I was laughing with glee the entire time, you really did nail the banjo-like twang of a very specific part of the countries accents. I'm like Jerry, no way I could do a British accent, I can't tell one brand of it from the next, whereas I can pick out what part of the country a heavy American accent is from, my favorites are people who have spent time in both the south and the far northeast, get in the cahr y'all Biggrin

You might get poked fun of for your vernacular though..........what the hells a brown wreckloose? you mean a fiddleback? canabrake you mean timber ratler? what are you some kinda fancypants animal scienteest? Biggrin I really enjoyed this! I wouldn't know anything about that toad not being native to here though. I have enough of an issue with snakes. I leave the heaviest of the swamplands well enough alone, alligator gar are terrifying enough for me, if a gator swims there I'm not going.