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Liner Notes: 

this is an attempt at a "minimalist" modular generative drum machine. it's a small "42HP" case with only seven modules, where i'm using a technique i learned about in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDyEjh-dviU) for combining drum triggers on the fly.

all rhythms, no melody.

a bit of a polyrhythmic mélange there toward the end. Smile

might get a little long and/or harsh, i totally improvised this and recorded it in one take!

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

* erica synths "pico trigg" — i programmed it with several African rhythm patterns
* 2hp "euclid" — euclidean sequence generator (see http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/47726)
* mutable instrument "grids" — "playable" kick/snare/hat pattern generator

* erica synths "pico rnd" — generates an LFO (to modulate # of beats in the euclidean sequence)
* erica synths "pico rnd" — also generates a sample & hold that's synced with the 16-step rhythmic patterns to make grids change up its patterns
* doepfer "switched multiple" — i use this to combine the grids kick & snare patterns with two pico trigg channels and bring both parts in and out

* erica synths "pico drums" #1 — kicks and snares (i actually scan through a couple different kicks throughout), sampled from vinyl records
* erica synths "pico drums" #2 — hihat and euclidean bass/subkick pattern (which i also scan through a bit), the stock set of samples

the output (via erica synths pico out) goes into a strymon "el capistan" delay sorta emulating a roland space echo (with a little spring reverb mixed in)

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Wow this sounds so cool. I love how it weaves in and out of complexity. Nice.

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Wow - a one take recording of you and electronic drumming on the fly! That’s true improv

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Love how this builds. Despite the lack of melody, it holds the attention of the listener and travels to all these different places. Very cool improv!