Don't Feed The Data Dogs (and Cats)

Don't Feed The Data Dogs (and Cats)

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Liner Notes: 

This is the 2nd 10ish X 10 EC!
Thanks to @Wolf Kier for starting us off with a great seed song and for doing the capstone finale song and the awesome stitching!

Thanks, too, for the fun contributions from all who participated! I love how this turned out and am happy to post on behalf of Wolf! Love it!


Don't Feed The Data Dogs (and Cats)

@Wolf Kier -One Cat And Dog
One cat and dog
Two cat and dog
Three cat and dog
Four cat and dog
Five cat and dog
Six cat and dog
Seven cat and dog
Eight cat and dog
Nine cat and dog
Ten cat and dog

@kahlo - Raining Cats and Dogs
it is raining cats and dogs
cats and dogs cats and dogs
it is raining cats and dogs
cats and dogs cats and dogs
you better grab your umbrella
(don’t forget the pet food)

@Valerie Cox - Meh
My dog thinks I'm amazing
My dog thinks I'm amazing
My dog thinks I'm amazing
My cat thinks I'm, meh

@mandolinda- Meh Cat
Hey, look at me, look at me
I'm standing on my head.
All you show is indifference
You're just waiting to be fed.

@dzd – Feed Me Now
Feed me now!

@roddy – Feed Me Cookies
Feed me cookies now
Then later
I'll gorge on your
Personal data

@wacha -
Your data
Is never safe
You hit delete
But it's never erased

@KateStantonSings - Voices in My Head by Kate Stanton
Never erased?
I can't lie.
I can't hide.
I can't lie.
I can't hide.
I can't lie.
You know I can't lie.
You know I can't hide.
You know I can't lie
I can't hide
I can't lie!
The voices in my head tell me
It's a wrinkle in time
A wrinkle in time
I'll be in the tesseract before dawn.

@lowhum - Mobius
I would like to see your mobius (s)trip
I would like to see your mobius (s)trip

@Wolf Kier – Don't Feed The Data Dogs
Don't feed the data dogs
Don't feed the data dogs
(cat and dog, cat and dog)

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My My, It's a family affair on this collaboration. Lol I don't think I've seen that many of yal in one song at a time before.

Really good. I love how everyone's contribution was blended in to the next. Good sounds, people!!

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This is a pretty tasty sampler platter! Great work! Some excellent stitching here too.

Mandolinda's picture

So interesting to hear the rest of the components stitched together.

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Gadzooks, this is awesome! I really cracked up at the cat lines because it's so true. Great teamwork!

KateStantonSings's picture

I am bemused at how this game of musician's telephone started with cats and dogs!? Hearing everyone's signature style is a treat! Thank you Elizabeth & Wolf!

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This was a fun trip thru genres. All very well done! Makes me smile.

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Wow, folks - this is stunning! So many different genres, so many different characters, so many different styles—and yet it all hangs together as a thing in itself. I'm awestruck by the discipline involved in bringing the whole thing in at two minutes, too!

And I'm still laughing about Val's cat.

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amazingly coherent and terrifically exciting array of urgent pet expression expertly stitched into a streamroller of a suite. have i heard a better 10x10? NO

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Great job all concerned! Thanks to all for your brilliant parts delivered promptly, and extra thanks to Liz for coordinating and posting!
What joy (and trepidation) opening and hearing each new segment gave me! Smile I hope I did justice with the wrap up...of such a collection of great inspired tangents!
Looking forward to participating in and then hearing the results of round 3!
And round 4.... any takers yet? Bring it up on the 10x10 thread while there's still a few weeks left of September:

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I think I listened to an earlier version (or part of a version) of this, right? These little 10 second things are interesting...reminds me of old Beatles albums, I think.

Nice job(s)!! Smile

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Wow. So incredible to hear all those segments stitched together so seamlessly. All the individual parts were unique and interesting but it was the transitions that really blew me away. That was super fun to listen to…

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Oh my gosh, this is so much fun! This flows surprisingly well for all the different genres encompassed here. I like the pyschedelic feel, especially at the end. Really well put-together and a delightful musical romp.

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This is a bop and I love it. Way to go team.

Data Dogs!

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It's like being in a hall full of pinball machines at times, but at times I enter a joint with a singer-songwriter, then back.. It's a weird trip and ooh, I like it Smile Delicately stitched as well!

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Data dogs brought it all together in the end. Well done! I enjoyed my listen - Wow! So many voices and so many feelings. My cat also goes, meh... Fun collaboration!

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Oh my god, I finally sat down toe listen to this after a few days of much needed rest and I'm so glad I took part in it. This was an incredible song to listen to, it's great seeing where it came from and where is ended up going and the different styles al go together pretty nicely. Really nice job to everyone!

I didn't realize how "Twin Peaks" mine sounded until I just listened to it.

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Woah, what a blast! Love how each one has really taken in what the previous person has been trying to get across and then reacts sensitively, playfully, or however they feel is appropriate. It really glues it all together (great stitching too, obviously, Wolf!). Well done all.

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What a great joyous listen...all those different parts sparking off each other seamlessly! Big hats off to all who took part and Wolf particularly for bringing it home!

HelioSonorouS's picture

Really connects well and flows from each naturally, enjoyed the lyrics as well!