All Me Freestyle

All Me Freestyle

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Liner Notes: 

sorry about this people, I was messing around with bandlab and ended up making this awful freestyle. still it gets my numbers up lol.


tryin a little something for 50 90
came up with this over night see
I just it for the love actually
you can call me Keira knghtly
remember if you comment, do it politely
i expect this might be one of a kind
unlikely anyone is gunna hit rewind
but f**k it I'm done tryin a be PC
instead I'm just gunne be me
whole worlds gone mad with political correctness
no room for anyone a little pretentious
I got influences, mainly it's Jay Z
but lately I been listening to Dave see
he tells it like it is, not how it isn't
I like transparancy just like a prism
see i'm the man behind these bars
but I ain't stuck in a prison
you can find me in Wales
doesn't help unless your local
if you couldn't tell already
this beat is just my vocals
could be why it's a little out of time
but hopefully you appreciate the rhyme
that I'm laying down right now
I ain't a joker so never call me sal
I won't apologise for trying something new
this is just something I wanted to do
yeah I'm just havin a little fun
plus it gets my numbers up to 31
still 19 to go by the end of the month
promise no more like this, it's the last one
i always say no regrets
but my chest says differently to cigarettes
this ain't 8 mile, there's no choking
though I'm coughing up hot lyrics, they're smokin
anyway, my time is up, Ive had my fun
you'll be pleased to know, I'm done

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Ok so here's my takeaway - fun is fun. I like that the only instrument you employed was you. Those multilayers of your Vox made this track pop. And then your laidback, easy-does-it flow gave it a "care to the wind feel" without coming off as disingenuous with delivery. I dig this!

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This is a real delight! Great idea, and it's definitely more than a throwaway. Like the way you build up the 'instruments' in the background, and then there's some really good lines in there. The 'doesn't help unless you're local' and 'this ain't 8 mile, there's no choking' were my favourites, plus the extended meta section about 50/90. Definitely got a bit of the Dave influence coming through to. Nice work mate!

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This is the first meta-5090 rap I have ever heard. Great couplets and catchy little musical motifs. A fun listen!