That's What You Said

That's What You Said

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Liner Notes: 

Started with a guitar riff last night, then the chorus: "That's what you said". Which I liked, even though there's a Wilco song with a very similar name.

Left channel is a Gretsch hollow body through a bunch of pedals. Right channel is a Reverend Double Agent through one pedal, a Barber Dirty Bomb.


You said we should stay together
we can make it through this weather
it only tests our resolve
there's no problem we can't solve

That's what you said

You said we were made for each
if you leave me I'll never recover
maybe heartache it can wait
talk to me stay awake

You said you belong to me
I will never set you free
you're the reason I exist
you're the reason I persist

Outro stuff:

That’s what you said if you mean it or not
That’s what you said, that’s what I got
can’t understand what’s left unsaid
Maybe we should talk instead

That’s what you said
That’s what I heard
But maybe I
Missed a few words

That’s what you said
What do you mean
I am caught
In between

Thats what you said
Like It or not
My understanding
Is what I got

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Love the vocals on the chorus and the two disparate guitars in stereo, the sound HUGE! I think all the reverb and the filter on the vocals make it feel live. I really like this one, Eric!

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I want a Reverend Double Agent just because (let the reader understand) and it's cool to hear it in the wild in this setting. Nicely written and structured..

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The stereo effect is really cool. And those vocals! Lyrics are awesome.

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those 2 guitars are awesome. the vocals are pretty great too

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What a huge sound! That chorus is very singable.

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crikey it leaps in! nice guitars they create a real atmosphere! - like where the vox sits in the mix!

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Man, this is killin'. It's interesting to hear you tread in the waters of angst. I like it. Very nice use of the "phone" effect, too. You've created a rather trippy atmosphere, too. This could work well in a live setting, too, man. Give it some thought. You should do it when/if the opportunity presents itself.