Lines of the Road

Lines of the Road

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Liner Notes: 

I'm really bad at tags for these songs. I'm pretty sure that there are some tags that would be appropriate for this, but aside from "badly mixed vocals" and "ambiguous regret", nothing really comes to mind.

Hmm. Ambiguous regret... is that a theme or a genre?


Taking the advice of @billwhite51 on tags. Good call! I think "ambiguous regret" is a genre, and the genre is called "blues"


Rolling out, easy and free
Ready for opportunity, just got to
Look around for what I want to hold
And follow the lines on the road

Don’t worry what’s on the other side
It’s enough to be moving, to be alive
Keep my eyes from glancing behind
There ain’t nothing back there but forgotten time

Change the station, shift the gears
I’ve a premonition that’s been building for years
It’s taken just this long for me to learn to see
All the snares and traps, one more right in front of me

But if a guy can stay alert
He could dance in the fire and walk away unhurt
Listen well, but don’t trust all you’re told
And follow the lines on the road

Time is no more use to me
Just waves of pain and jealousy
Things done, and things left unsaid
The cost unmet and the price twice paid

And in the end, with honor sold
At a bargain price in a market cold
I’m ready now for my fortune told
By the lines on the road

So I’m out, walking free
And open to opportunity
A lot of trouble, whole lotta life
Nothing more needed to pass through the night

than a cold heart and an enduring soul
and a willing hand to underwrite the whole
And follow through on
The lines of the road

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i would tag it blues, the doors. freedom. this is one of my favorites of yours. love how the bass lines keeps switching the gears of the song.

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wonderfully intense, elliptical and striking- nice work!

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This has such a wonderful bluesy feel and groove that I think you deliver very well. The music and vocals go together quite well and conveys a poetic transformation. Lovely.

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Hey! Great song. I like your earnest heart on sleeve style of deliverance. Top notch.

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Awesome - that's some swingin' bass and guitar! Incredible lyrics, and I dig the big bridge with the power strum a whole lot. I like everything about this one!