It's All You Need (Common Sense Remix)

It's All You Need (Common Sense Remix)

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Liner Notes: 

Joachip posted a raw BMX file on the Jeskola Buzz (Buzz's native File Format) forums inviting members of the community to remix the song any way they'd like. So I grabbed a copy, dropped the BPM from 127 to 42 & changed the Tick Per Beat setting (the standard musical time scale for trackers) from 4 to 3. I then added HG Fortune's amazing Arracis Gold Pro VSTi & found a great PSA from the 1950's about common sense & prejudice. Did some mixing & then rendered this to a WAV file. Hope you enjoy!

See You In The Shadows…

Link to the original song (in BMX format):


Jeskola Buzz Setup (heavily modified from the original BMX file)

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Is that Bing??
Cos I love Bing.
Even though he used to beat his kids mercilessly.
Dude died on the golf course, though, which is a pretty cool way to go.
"Splattered by the mud of prejudice" lol
This is weird; like the song wants to go faster but is restraining itself.
Sure he's fun to be with, but HE GOES TO A DIFFERENT CHURCH THAN ME!!!!
Time to cut that scumbag out of my life.
An interesting experiment here for sure.

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Splattered by the mud of prejudice absolutely cracked me up as well. That was such a great metaphor. As much progress as humanity has made It's sad how we've regressed so much as well. Not a lot of people using common sense for a windshield anymore Biggrin

This is really great. This music does have a unsettling, but not offputting feel to it, I think Fuzzy nailed that like it wants to go faster, but is restraining itself trying to use some common sense Biggrin

It was always called horse sense when I was a kid. I remember someone saying that guy barely has the sense god gave a horse and my grandma's reply was don't disrespect horses like that, they're fine animals, that guy not so much.............. He must of went to a different church hahaha .

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These old style psa's are always amusing, you used the samples to good effect in the track.